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Monday, April 21, 2014

Astrology and Education

Destiny depends on how you prepare for it in the formative years. Education therefore plays an important role in shaping the destiny of any individual. Every child has to go through this dilemma while in High school, as to what subjects to choose.

Parents always try to guide the child based on their own perceptions or conditioning. More often than not, they try to fulfill their own unfulfilled dreams through their children. On the other hand children try to choose the subjects which his or her best friend has chosen without any regard to their own abilities or aspirations. As a result, most of us study something and end up doing something else in life. This world is therefore full of misfits.

How wonderful it would be if we study what we have to eventually do. Astrology can provide an answer to that in the form of guidance or ‘margdarshan’. Planetary influences do suggest the strengths of a child which can be explored and shaped for future career making.
Selecting the right subjects in class XI and for college education after class XII can be of immense advantage. In the months of April every year, children along with their parents can get this guidance from an astrologer. But it must be understood that any astrological analysis cannot ever be in the form of a magical forecast. It must therefore only be in the form of guidance as to what should be the way forward.

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  1. Sir, I have completed my Class XII in 2013. Currently I am giving various engineering and medical entrance exams.I want to pursue a MBBS degree.Will I be able to do it?


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