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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sunday 27th April 2014, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – You are distressed because people may be changing their views about you, and for that reason your gains may not remain as pointed.
Do – You must understand that everyone has his or her viewpoint, and people will watch their own interest first before thinking about you.
Don’t – Don’t still move away from your loved ones in any manner, for that matter even travels in any form may have to be avoided.

Vrishabh – This is a period where stress will emerge out of misunderstandings, but you still have to remain pointed in whatever you are doing.
Do – If there are problems in some love relationship then you have to think about it seriously, but the foremost requirement is that you have to maintain trust in your mind.
Don’t – Don’t think about money alone, as such money is required for various reasons, and safeguarding financial position may be difficult.

Mithun – Despite pressures and problems you have to perform and prove yourself, for that reason your work will take priority.
Do – Try to maintain peace in your personal life at any cost, whatever you speak should also be done with that kind of carefulness.
Don’t – Don’t think personal relationships in home and family for the purpose of gains only, you have to do a lot for others for which you have to show your goodness.

Karka – Disagreements are there with people around you, that is why this is a weak period which may not make you happy.
Do – Whatever involvement you can create towards your work can be beneficial, your knowledge therefore will help you in whatever you are trying to do.
Don’t – Don’t show ups and downs of your thinking or your actions in any manner, regularity has to be maintained which can give you success.

Simha – Pressures of your mind can lead to disagreements in your personal life or in your marital life, that is why you have to try and maintain a lot of trust for others.
Do – Whatever alternatives are available before you can be financially rewarding, but you will have to take those decisions with lot of carefulness on your mind.
Don’t – Don’t have any negative thoughts as far as your financial gains are concerned, luck is favoring you immensely on that front and you are blessed.

Kanya – Savings will have to be built step by step, in that your hard work will definitely play a positive role.
Do – There can be hindrances of day-to-day nature, but as long as you maintain your goodness in the eyes of others you will be benefited.
Don’t – Don’t get into differences with your partners or well-wishers, because those very people can prove to be helpful to you and guide you on the right path.

Tula – Auspiciousness of this period can be appreciated by keeping peace on your mind, only then you will be able to improve your performance as well.
Do – Stability is the keyword for this moment, any kind of change can bring its own problems which you must avoid.
Don’t – Don’t look at your professional circumstances in a stressed manner, overall pattern is such that it can benefit you and guide you on the right path.

Vrishchik – Travel or changes may be there on your mind but you may be inclined to change your decisions, as such your thought process itself is not very stable.
Do – You have to understand the need of financial prosperity because you have to do a lot for others, and a little bit of regularity of your efforts can bring you big rewards.
Don’t – Don’t neglect your planning in any manner, your savings will have to be protected for future use.

Dhanu – Your positive efforts can give you gains exactly the way you want, and for that reason you have to try and connect with others from your side.
Do – Work related advantage can be availed at this stage, whatever changes you are trying to bring about must be done with positive outlook from your side.
Don’t – Don’t blame your circumstances in any manner, your abilities will start showing and your career will be made.

Makar – Your involvement in your work should be such that you have trust in yourself, by doing so your hard work will reflect and will give you bigger rewards.
Do – Financial aspect is well indicated and your well-wishers will support you, with that kind of goodness you will be able to achieve a lot.
Don’t – Don’t think about others in any negative manner, because that can lead to those hidden differences and conflicts which may get created.

Kumbh – Circumstances are supporting you and helpful to you, and that is why your knowledge and skills will motivate you further.
Do – Work related pressures will have to be taken as a challenge, if you consider them as hindrances then your direction will be lost.
Don’t – Don’t get into disagreements with your brothers and sisters as well, because even your good intensions may not be understood by others.

Meena – There are many hindrances which are bothering you, and those repeated problems are such that you are not happy.
Do – Your proper and careful planning in personal life can give you bigger gains, but safeguarding your finances will be a bigger requirement.
Don’t – Don’t therefore get into any kind of arguments with others, as such this is a period which can give you immense happiness with your own loved ones.

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