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Monday, April 14, 2014

Tuesday 15th April 2014, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You want to compete to achieve success and that thought is very strong on your mind, but somehow the results of your efforts are not visible.
Do – There is lack of concentration in whatever you are trying to do, despite your abundant goodness you are not able to have trust in your own abilities, that needs to be improved.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the health in any manner, for self or for your loved ones in home and family this aspect becomes important.

Vrishabh – You want to take some big step towards your love relationship, even to the extent that you may not be trusting your own loved ones in the process.
Do – But inherently you must understand and accept that this is not the right time to take any such hasty step, you have to consider all aspects of life before moving on a particular path in any aggressive manner.
Don’t – Don’t think that money is enough to implement any thought, there are situations which may make you very unstable in your own thinking to change your views at a later date.

Mithun – You may be thinking of some investment but that investment may not prove to be advantageous, hence you have to avoid taking any such hasty step for the time being.
Do – You may be trying to improve your work situation, but your focus is not as pointed as it is desired.
Don’t – Don’t think negatively about your circumstances or for people around you, don’t therefore become unstable in your thoughts for this very reason.

Karka – You have strong motivation to work hard and perform, that is why your studies, your knowledge and your skills can all help you at the moment.
Do – But still you have to understand that these are only desires which you carry on your mind, actual accomplishment of that effort may not be as pointed.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that money is needed to improve your work situation, and for that you have to possibly depend on your savings as well.

Simha – This is a highly favorable period for you to get success, but psychologically you are becoming very wasteful as a result of the gains which you may be carrying.
Do – You have to understand that the gains which are seemingly adequate are not enough, your savings are not enough to take you very far as far as your plans are concerned.
Don’t – Don’t therefore become very aggressive or impulsive in any decision, this is a period where your success and advantage will be built only with passage of time.

Kanya – There are many obstacles and there are many ups and downs in whatever you are doing, for that reason your own deficiencies are getting reflected especially in the eyes of others.
Do – People around you are trying to overpower you in many ways, especially in handling your affairs on account of the fact that you are negligent from your side.
Don’t – Don’t increase your expenses out of confusions or dissatisfactions, because that is where the problem of this period has to be controlled.

Tula – In taking decisions and in wasting your money you are becoming very hasty, it is a situation which is not supportive for any such change which you may have on your mind.
Do – Alternatives will have to be considered rather carefully, and as the day progresses you may have to change your thoughts drastically and that can put you into difficulty.
Don’t – Don’t think that people will do everything for you, there may be some motive behind it and that may not be advantageous for your own interests.

Vrishchik – You may be thinking of improving your financial prosperity but that is not happening as yet, for that reason your wastages are there which you are not able to control.
Do – Think of your responsibilities which are growing, and the wastages are also on account of people around you who are not as much appreciative of your situation.
Don’t – Don’t get into differences or conflicts with people who may be important in your sphere, you will have to keep your own patience and avoid any such situation from your side.

Dhanu – You have to protect your situation and avoid wastages in every sense, even in your desire to do something big you should wait for a while.
Do – Work related situation may take a little while to improve, and hence you have to maintain patience for the time being to take the next step.
Don’t – Don’t become psychologically negative in your mind because of these delays, the priority of this period therefore should be to try and improve your personal relationships in home and family.

Makar – Financial aspect is supportive as you are able to get the help of others, even some partner or associate may be willing to come forward to help you.
Do – There are differences in the offing which you will have to avoid, and those differences are on account of the fact that you are very strong in your viewpoint.
Don’t – Don’t let your personal life issues get neglected, the doubts which you carry on your mind may lead to bigger problems.

Kumbh – Work related pressures can be immense and you may not be happy, and therefore day-to-day issues of minor nature are also becoming bigger problems.
Do – Your knowledge and skills are not supporting you adequately, despite your efforts you are having lot of deficiencies which you will have to improve.
Don’t – Don’t expect that the support of others will solve all your problems, in fact your own lack of focus is the main reason which others cannot resolve.

Meena – Circumstances are helpful and supportive, and still you may not get the help and support which you are trying to get at the moment.
Do – Your financial expectations may still be met from others, but it may not improve your overall situation drastically the way you expect, that is where the problem lies.
Don’t – Don’t therefore get into differences which may become difficult to handle, pressures and problems of this period therefore will have to be understood rather carefully.

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