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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sunday 20th April 2014, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – You are having the confidence in you but yet you are not satisfied, a little bit of trust in yourself can improve circumstances.
Do – Relationships are strong on your mind, you have to believe in others also, that will give you happiness.
Don’t – Don’t undertake any change, you are still not fully convinced with the options.

Vrishabh – Fear of loss is there, you are not happy with hidden circumstances, someone may take advantage of you.
Do – Changes may not give you the desired results, you have to improve your own efforts to get favorable results.
Don’t – Don’t risk your savings, don’t increase psychological pressures, that can put you into difficulties.

Mithun – Financial position is favorable, but you are distressed in your mind, you are not able to trust others.
Do – Work hard to stabilize your situation, connect with others and understand others, that will help.
Don’t – Don't get into conflicts in home and family, as such relationships are not making you happy.

Karka – Work related situation requires lot of effort, even money is required to strengthen it.
Do – You have to keep peace with your elders or seniors, differences may not harm you but can take away your peace.
Don’t – Don’t neglect the health of your elders, don’t also create unrest on your mind for any reason.

Simha – Blaming your luck is not going to help, because you may have to depend on luck only to safeguard your money.
Do – Your positive performance can give you good results, but it may not improve your financial position drastically, that is a reality.
Don’t – Don’t be too forceful in your thoughts, that can increase your differences with others, don’t get angry in any discussion.

Kanya – There are many hurdles which you may have to cross, especially if you undertake any change then problems are going to be there.
Do – Priority of this period is your work, because work is suffering, take help from others.
Don’t – Don’t make investment by borrowing money, because total cost of investment may increase manifold.

Tula – Problems are there and losses are there, and still you have to remain helpful towards others.
Do – Travel or changes may not be beneficial, your financial expectations may not be achieved, avoid that.
Don’t – Don’t get money from questionable means, rather depend on your own hard work to succeed in life.

Vrishchik – Health related problems are evident, money may be required to meet your needs.
Do – Safeguard your work situation, inculcate interest in whatever you are doing.
Don’t – Don’t expect financial rewards to be strong, if work improves money will follow.

Dhanu – Your knowledge and skills are enormous, but you are not able to recognize that fully.
Do – Circumstances may remain supportive towards you, have total involvement in whatever you are doing, and you will find success.
Don’t – Don’t have psychological pressures on your mind all the time, your assessment about others may not be as appropriate.

Makar – Your stress is causing pressures in your personal life, if people are not happy then obstacles can increase.
Do – Health related concerns can be there, if you are pregnant then you have to take extra care.
Don’t – Don't create rift with your partners or well-wishers, don’t become too strong in your opinion, differences can be resolved peacefully.

Kumbh – People are helping you and motivating you, and yet you are not able to have any trust on your mind.
Do – Your knowledge and skills may be lacking at the moment, and that is why you are not able to make positive efforts from your side, that requires improvement from your side.
Don’t – Don’t think that money will solve all your problems, especially some love relationship is suffering for this very reason as your savings are not enough.

Meena – Work situation is stable, but you are not happy with the rewards, you can still do a lot.
Do – Have a positive outlook towards your work and relationships, you must understand your strength and that lies in your knowledge.
Don’t – Don’t get into differences with your bosses, don’t say anything which may not be proper.

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