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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Monday 19th May 2014, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Rewards from work are adequate and your efforts are showing, this is a good period to show your involvement and success.
Do – To achieve your goodness you have to be very regular in your attempt, and the more you create that liking in your work you will be all the more benefited.
Don’t – Don’t have any kind of doubts on your mind, don’t get into a situation where you create unnecessary pressures on your mind.

Vrishabh – Your loved ones in home and family are helping you and supporting you, as a result relationships are strong and vibrant.
Do – You are doing a lot from your side, your hard work is showing, but you are getting into differences of opinion also with others, Discuss your financial matters and communicate your thoughts, you will be able to take right decision on that front.
Don’t – Don’t let any situation emerge where someone takes advantage of you, whether for your expenses or for some love relationship which you have on your mind you have to be careful.

Mithun – Travels or changes may be there on your mind which you are considering from your side, some work related changes are also motivating you.
Do – Peace has to be maintained on your mind and only then circumstances will remain stable, your performance depends on that factor as well.
Don’t – Don’t let your psychological upsets or obstacles disturb your thinking, you are not happy with your finances and that is why you may take wrong financial decisions, don’t let that happen.

Karka – Overall financial prosperity is indicated, some routine expenses are also there which will have to be controlled.
Do – Connect with others and help others, if you think good about others you will find that happiness which you want.
Don’t – Don’t doubt the strength of your work, your involvement can actually bring you success and that is a satisfying situation.

Simha – You are able to do a lot in whatever you are doing, as a result your work or your career can be very promising.
Do – Even if you are stressed you still have to prove yourself, the goodness must reflect in your efforts so that you continue to move on right path.
Don’t – Don’t let the pressures of your work make you think negatively, life is full of pressures for each one of us, take it as a reality and you will be benefited.

Kanya – You may be having lots of thoughts for changes in your work, and you have the ability and that is why you are thinking about those options.
Do – This is a period to understand your opportunities very well, people may not be appreciating your goodness but people are generally supportive towards you.
Don’t – Don’t forget that there are many hidden situations which are not comfortable, you are stressed on account of those but still have positive outlook on your mind.

Tula – You are putting your financial position into risk and that is the problem of this period, your wastages are showing.
Do – Your self confidence can lead to a situation that you may mistakes, that is why it is very essential to take your next step carefully.
Don’t – Don’t trust others blindly, you have to understand that what can be the implications if your problems increase or your losses increase.

Vrishchik – Work is important and associating with others is going to be beneficial, you will realize that rewards from work will continue to be stable.
Do – Circumstances are helping you and supporting, you will have to therefore continue to work hard from your side.
Don’t – Don’t get into conflicts or issues in any manner, because those can lead to more of distress and frustrations and that is not required.

Dhanu – Luck may not be helping you as much and therefore conflicts in personal life will have to be avoided, whatever you speak will have to be done with lot of humility and carefulness.
Do – Try to understand what others think, just to carry a negative thought for others is possibly not right.
Don’t – Don’t think about money alone, sudden gains are possible but still lot of carefulness and planning is needed.

Makar – There can be lot of hindrances in some love relationship, differences may crop up unnecessarily.
Do – Work is your priority and you have to devote towards that, and you have the ability which can help you enormously.
Don’t – Don’t try to find fault in others without proper reason, people are generally supportive and yet you are not able to find peace and happiness with others.

Kumbh – Personal life issues are well placed and there is no problem, but you are getting away from others and creating distance from others which is not right.
Do – Alternatives or options will have to be understood rather clearly, whatever seems to be very lucrative may still have ups and downs in that.
Don’t – Don’t for that reason undertake any travel or change without proper understanding, you have to be clear in your mind as to what you are doing.

Meena – Conflicts in personal life and in home and family will have to be avoided, financial reasons can complicate your situation which is not right.
Do – Money will have to be protected as there can be many confusions on that, you may not be right in your thinking or in your decisions.
Don’t – Don’t underestimate your own efforts and involvement, you have the ability and if you use it with little bit of determination you will be enormously benefited.

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