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Monday, May 12, 2014

Tuesday 13th May 2014, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your dissatisfactions for others is showing, in a manner that you are yourself getting depressed as a result.
Do – Try to connect with others and resolve those issues, you have the ability to do so which must be used properly.
Don’t – Don’t let anyone cause harm to you, you have to plan more effectively to safeguard your situation.

Vrishabh – You may be worried for your health, but you may also be thinking more than what is needed, that is why keep peace.
Do – Look at the positive side of the picture, you will realize that many things are supportive towards you and favoring you.
Don’t – Don’t create distance with others in any manner, even if you are not happy with others don’t let this situation emerge.

Mithun – You are not able to trust your own abilities and your performance, that is why there are certain confusions on your mind.
Do – Remove some dissatisfactions from your mind and you will see that your efforts will improve, that will help you enormously to get the bigger gains.
Don’t – Don’t let your work situation suffer because of your obstacles, take them as a challenge and you will be benefited enormously.

Karka – You can find abundant happiness in your home and family but you are not able to trust others, that is why those pressures and problems are persisting.
Do – Involve in your work and concentrate on whatever you are doing, for that you have to remove those dissatisfactions which you carry with regard to your work.
Don’t – Don’t put your money into any kind of problem if everything is alright, financial prosperity is intact but you are not able to handle it as well.

Simha – Your efforts are directionless because you are not able to trust your own efforts, that is the reason that this is a psychologically weak period which you are carrying.
Do – Maintain your self confidence and you will be enormously benefited, you will see that circumstances are helping you more than what you are expecting.
Don’t – Don't be stressed with your work related circumstances, if you think rationally you will realize that many things are helpful and supportive.

Kanya – Just because you have to help others and support others you think that your savings are not enough, but that is an extreme of thought which you are carrying on your mind.
Do – Try to understand others and try to understand your own responsibilities towards others, and you will realize that you still have to do a lot for others.
Don’t – Don’t carry dissatisfaction on your mind if people are still not happy with you, this is a typical period where it may be difficult to please others.

Tula – Circumstances are supportive and yet you are not happy, that is why you are becoming depressive in your nature.
Do – Improve your regularity and have trust in yourself, and you will realize that financial position is continuing to be supportive.
Don’t – Don’t fight with others and don’t waste your money, don’t therefore take any step without proper planning.

Vrishchik – This is a period where pressures are immense, and psychologically also you are not happy with the circumstances emerging.
Do – Take steps to showcase your abilities, strengthen your knowledge and skills and people will appreciate you.
Don’t – Don’t become aggressive in any manner, don’t create confusions or dissatisfactions for your work, that is not going to help.

Dhanu – You are not happy with your financial position because you have to do a lot for others, that is the reason that some uneasiness prevails.
Do – Appreciate the fact that you have done a lot for others, this good thought will further help you to do better in life, that is important.
Don’t – Don’t let conflicts emerge in your life on small issues, this is a period to show your magnanimity towards others in every sense.

Makar – You may not be as happy with your work but work situation can be highly motivating, you can definitely involve more and strengthen your situation.
Do – Work hard in such a manner that you avoid wastages, pointed effort and involvement is needed.
Don’t – Don’t let oppositions or obstacles impact your personal life peace, you have to try and remain happy from your side and also try and appreciate the opposition of others.

Kumbh – Luck is favoring you and circumstances are helping you, you are still not happy because your expectations are very high.
Do – Try to speak to others with lot of politeness, convey your thoughts in a manner that people appreciate you.
Don’t – Don’t doubt the help and support of others which they are giving you, there may be some hidden thoughts or motives but still you have to maintain your goodness.

Meena – Don’t be dissatisfied with the obstacles of this period, you have to try and learn something out of this situation also.
Do – Your self confidence can emerge by remaining connected with your loved ones, your happiness therefore is dependent on this bigger effort.
Don’t – Don’t get into differences of opinion connected with money, as such you are not able to trust others in financial dealings.

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  1. mr. deepak kapoor is world renowned is destiny when two people decide to share each and every moments of their lives.there are some misunderstanding problems in couple which can be reason for the development of conflicting thoughts between the two people


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