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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Thursday 8th May 2014, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your lack of trust for others is leading to your own loss, you are not able to safeguard your situation adequately.
Do – Your financial position is becoming weak because you are becoming wasteful, that is the reason that this is a weak period which needs lot of protection.
Don’t – Don’t become too aggressive in your thoughts or in relationships, the basis of any relationship is trust which is somewhat lacking.

Vrishabh – You want to be with your loved ones and yet the circumstances are not supportive, that is why you are not happy with your situation.
Do – Financial aspect is still supportive and there should not be any problem, but you have to maintain your focus in whatever you are doing and only then that stability will come.
Don’t – Don’t ignore your health as that is another area of concern, if anything is leading to upsets then you have to understand those reasons also.

Mithun – You have bigger commitments towards your loved ones and that is why you are not happy with your financial situation, but you are also thinking more than what is actually needed.
Do – Your focus towards your work and your performance can definitely help you enormously, as a result your gains and accomplishments can increase.
Don’t – Don’t underestimate the strength of your own efforts and hard work, you can actually bring about that improvement which is desired, hence you have to have trust in yourself.

Karka – You are able to involve very well in your work and yet you are not happy, the reason is that your financial needs are increasing and you have to meet then at any cost.
Do – Talking about the financial circumstances there is no deficiency, luck is favoring you and circumstances are helping you and you will accomplish a lot.
Don’t – Don’t still have doubts on your mind in whatever you are doing, putting yourself into any kind of difficulty without adequate planning is not right.

Simha – You may be blaming your luck and circumstances are generally helpful, and hence your extremes of thoughts are not as valid.
Do – Work related pressures can be immense but you have to take them as a challenge, you have to understand that having more work at your hand can be actually a blessing.
Don’t – Don’t forget the needs of your workplace, if money is needed to take your thoughts forward then that is a bigger requirement at this stage.

Kanya – You are worried and stressed, and that is why your problems are persisting.
Do – You need to understand that people are important, and you have to try and understand them from your side, any kind of association with others can be beneficial.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the problems of this period, there can be many pressures and many upsets which you are not able to control, you have to understand those reasons as well.

Tula – You are not able to trust others and that is why your problems are persisting, your losses are also on account of that factor only.
Do – Your own self created mistakes are causing lot of upsets, you are not able to resolve those situations the way it is needed and that is why the problem persists.
Don’t – Don’t try to blame others for whatever is happening, it would be better for you to understand their needs so that you are able to do something for them.

Vrishchik – Work related situation is improving and yet you are not finding any satisfaction in that, the problem of this period therefore has many diverse reasons behind it.
Do – You have the ability but somehow it is not helping you, people are still trying to appreciate your viewpoint but this period has its own problems.
Don’t – Don’t get into any kind of conflicts in any manner, remaining peaceful will help you to overcome your problems very well.

Dhanu – Relationship angle is strong and supportive, your knowledge and skills will also help you towards your career.
Do – This may not be the best of periods for many things, and yet circumstances are trying to help you and give you that goodness which is generally desired.
Don’t – Don’t let minor issues disturb the peace of your personal life, you need to therefore continue to connect with others in every sense.

Makar – You have to trust your loved ones and only then you will be able to solve your problems, but upsets and obstacles are continuing and that is the bigger issue at this stage.
Do – You have the ability and you can use it to your advantage, and the moment you start believing in yourself you will be able to achieve a lot.
Don’t – Don’t let pressures and disagreements arise in personal life, it is a situation which requires lot of peace and patience which you have to maintain from your side.

Kumbh – Your efforts are not as pointed and that is why your problem persist, even to the extent that the help which you are getting from people is also not adequate.
Do – Try to associate with your partners and well-wishers, and if you do that wholeheartedly then you will be able to resolve many issues side by side.
Don’t – Don’t let minor day-to-day issues spoil the peace of your mind, as such there are abundant gains which can make you happy.

Meena – You are not happy with your savings and with your financial position, but lot of safeguard is required for you at this stage which is more important.
Do – Your efforts can definitely give you very positive rewards, but you have to try and get the help and guidance of others in the process.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that there are many obstacles which you will have to face, for that reason your financial position may also be under some kind of stress which requires a deeper understanding.

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