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Monday, May 19, 2014

Tuesday 20th May 2014, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You can be very committed and involved from your side, but there are certain apprehensions which are still bothering you.
Do – People may not be as supportive towards you and that is why you are not happy, you have to find those reasons and only then your overall goodness will be achieved.
Don’t – Don’t think that earning money is the only motive in life, in fact safeguarding your situation and protecting your finances is a bigger task at the moment.

Vrishabh – Luck is favoring you but not helping you enough, and yet your committed hard work can improve your circumstances.
Do – You have to remove those factors of stress and pressures which you carry on your mind, because that is not helping you in any manner.
Don’t – Don’t as a result get into conflicts with others, differences of opinion can lead to more of problems and which must be avoided.

Mithun – There are pressures on your mind which are not making you comfortable, that is why you are saying things are which are not to be said.
Do – Because of the pressures of your mind you are creating problems in relationships, your lack of trust is one of the reasons which is not right.
Don’t – Don’t hurt the feelings of anyone at this stage, as such you have created a lot of distance from others which may not be bridged easily.

Karka – This is a period to connect with others and understand others, the more you do so you will be benefited because your happiness lies there.
Do – There are many confusions which you carry on your mind, that is why misunderstandings can lead to unnecessary problems for you.
Don’t – Don’t be negative in your thought process, if you look at goodness around you then you will find ample opportunities which will help you to move forward.

Simha – Health related issues can be there which may pressurize you, even to the extent that whatever you are doing is not possibly as pointed.
Do – You still have to find motivation from your problems, if you try to understand the reasons for those pressures you will be benefited.
Don’t – Don’t become impulsive in your thoughts in any manner, because that can increase your financial pressures as such and that may not be right.

Kanya – Lots of emotional relationships are strong on your mind, you are even trying to convey your thoughts or discuss your matters with others.
Do – There is a factor of dissatisfaction which you carry on your mind, as a result whatever you are saying to others is also not being understood properly.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget the associated problems and pressures which you have to face, even on the financial front those misunderstandings can continue to be there.

Tula – Home and family is important and you have to take care of them, as a result you will find ample satisfaction which can make you happy.
Do – You still carry doubts in your mind which are not right, you will have to try and understand that certain dissatisfactions will remain and that is part of life.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the goodness of your work or your career at the moment, people may not be as supportive and yet you have to continue to move on the right path.

Vrishchik – Your efforts are there but may not be giving you the real advantage, that is why you have to understand what is your priority at this moment.
Do – You have to remain focused and pointed in whatever you are doing, you have to understand that communication with others will help to sort out your problems.
Don’t – Don’t create distance with others in any manner, even if you are not happy you have to avoid getting into misunderstandings at this stage.

Dhanu – Financial aspect is important for you at the moment, and circumstances are generally supportive that your financial needs are being met.
Do – There can be some unhappiness on your mind with regard to your financial inflows, but you have to remain very stable in your thoughts and not become negative in any manner.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the goodness which is shaping up around you abundantly, your association with others can give you enormous satisfaction and that is a blessing.

Makar – People may be supportive and your self confidence will increase, as a result you will be able to do a lot in whatever you are doing.
Do – Your career and your professional circumstances are strong and stable, there is lot of involvement from your side which can benefit you enormously.
Don’t – Don’t doubt the goodness of this period, not only your performance is strong but your involvement is likely to give you success in whatever you are doing.

Kumbh – There are extremes thoughts and pressures which you carry on your mind, even to the extent that you want to take risk which is not right.
Do – Try to understand each step forward, try to be clear in your mind that the path is right and supportive.
Don’t – Don’t at the same time blame your luck for your circumstances unnecessarily, luck has a positive role to play at the moment and your overall prosperity will remain intact.

Meena – Financial aspect is requiring lot of carefulness, you may be trying to do a lot for that but still there are problems.
Do – Confusions and apprehensions with friends or well-wishers must be avoided, you have to be very clear and transparent in relationships.
Don’t – Don’t create wastages unnecessarily, don’t forget that this is a period of obstacles which will have to be handled rather carefully.

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