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Friday, May 30, 2014

Your favourite show “Aapke Tare” comes to an end on 31st May 2014. Watch this last episode. Don’t miss it.

Aapke tare became the biggest astrology show in the Television history with unprecedented TRP’s in each of the 2618 episodes aired on Aajtak in the last nearly eight years. We thank you for your constant appreciation and continued support.  


  1. please keep airing the show. That is the best show in Aaj Tak

  2. I am regular view and beliver of you i am worried how i will be able to know my daily astrology after your program on aajtak is coming to an end.... help

  3. Plz guruji keep posting in your blog as earlier in day to day basis. Plz, do not deprive us from your god gifted valuable advice giving power which we receive as divine guidance. Plz keep writing in your blog as earlier,as that can show us the light to how to plan the next day. Plz guruji.

  4. I could not believe that AAPKE TARE programme has been stopped. However please make an arrangement to know my DAILY ASTROBLOG through you.thanks a lot for your past suggestions & advices.


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