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Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday 22nd June 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – This period shows your extreme self confidence which can lead to lot of happiness and gains for you, you can gain from your efforts, your family and all kinds of prosperity can be yours
Do – Your focus is excellent and your performance is excellent, that is the goodness which you carry but with your rigid attitude you have to be careful also
Don’t – Don’t get into get into any kind of obstacles because of your attitude, you have to understand the need to understand the views of others, you cannot hurt anyone at this stage, don’t let that happen
Vrish – The goodness of this period is leading to some kind of pressures and loss for you, the goodness is also in abundance but the weaknesses are also showing side by side
Day special – Protect yourself from making mistakes in the form of losses and in the form of differences with your own people, that is where some amount of carefulness is required, your relationships especially some love relationship can give you happiness
Mithun – You are very determined to enjoy the prosperity of this period, but side by side you may get into some kind of differences of opinion connected with finances
Do – Make yourself very mild towards others, your own attitude should be humble and that will help
Don’t – Don’t get into any kind of routine pressures which you are creating for yourself, there is no need for that and you have to protect yourself from that, don’t think of unnecessary changes or change of place at this stage as it can be stressful
Karka – Extremely auspicious and forceful period for financial prosperity, it is the strength of your thinking that you are gaining from all kinds of situations
Day special – Simultaneously you are wasting some of these gains because of lack of planning, especially on getting angry you are making others against you and that is where a lot of protection is needed
Simha – Extremely auspicious period for professional gains and overall prosperity, even family situation is vibrant and you are getting lot of happiness from that, luck is favoring you immensely especially on account of your hard work
Do – Take advantage of these good times as everything seems to be perfectly placed, your own positive thinking can make people around you helpful towards others and that includes your cause
Don’t – Don’t let any ups and downs come in your relationships and especially in some love relationship, that can create inherent pressures and especially from your seniors or elders, don’t let that happen
Kanya – Extremely auspicious period for financial prosperity, this is on account of your work being stable and you will gain from this situation, but luck may not favor you and that is something which you have to understand
Day Special – Don’t let your own hard work or your focus get reduced at this stage just because your thinking is strong, for that reason you cannot depend on luck as there can be many hidden upsets in this period which may harm your interests
Tula – You may be doing well in your career but there are pressures on you which you are not liking, but still this period is very favorable as you will get adequate support from others in every way, this is because you are yourself helpful towards others
Do – Make yourself milder because routine pressures can be there to upset your plans, especially if it has anything to do with changes or alternatives
Don’t – Don’t ignore the pressures which may be there within your family or in your marital life if you are married, that is where you have to be careful, you also have to be careful if you are in some love relationship as relationships can be under stress, don’t ignore that
Vrishchik – Make yourself very mild and very supportive others, that will protect you from unnecessary pressures within your marital life and that is the need of the hour also
Day special – Expenses, wastages and differences of opinion, these are the negatives which this period indicates, unless you are careful you can go wrong on that also, don’t let that happen
Dhanu – You are thinking about some differences of opinion at this stage which can create loss for you only, in matters connected with friends and relationships you have to understand this factor fully
Do – In your work as well as in your family you have to maintain lot of stability and lot of mild attitude, that will protect you from unnecessary pressures in relationships as well as at your workplace
Don’t – Don’t have any differences of opinion connected with monetary matters, especially if it has something to do with pressures with your own people whom you love, don’t let that happen
Makar – Extremely auspicious period for investments and financial prosperity, you will be very keen to bring about an excellent balance between your personal and work related life and that is important
Day special – Some love relationship is also giving you lot of happiness and you have left certain differences behind, that is the goodness with which you are moving ahead, but don’t ignore those differences in the days to come also
Kumbh – Certain pressures with your own people can emerge and that can be the weakness, but the strengths are many which you have to understand, your biggest strength in this period is something which can lead to your long term prosperity in a big way
Do – Your involvement with your own people will bring you lot of auspiciousness, that is where you have to understand that your overall happiness in life lies
Don’t – For that reason don’t get into any kind of conflict with your own people especially if it has something to do with some love relationship, you have to understand the views of people around you who matter, don’t go wrong on any such decision which may have inherent obstacles connected with some love relationship
Meena – Your own hard work can bring enormous goodness for you in this period, the goodness lies in personal matters more than the professional matters, but you are likely to go wrong as you are likely to make mistakes
Day special – Your own thinking is a little unstable and that is where the problem lies, that is where some protection is needed, but the goodness is in the form of extremely auspicious period for financial prosperity, you must take advantage of that situation and look forward to the goodness at this moment, that is a very lucky situation and God is with you at every step

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