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Friday, June 19, 2009

Saturday 20th June 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – This period motivates you to understand the bigger implications of life, on one hand you have to understand the importance of your studies and as a linkage you have to understand the path of prosperity it opens up for you
Do – Your involvement has to be total and that is the indication of the chart, you also have the ability in abundance and there is no deficiency in that
Don’t – Don’t be too rigid in your attitude as that can cause hindrances or obstacles in its own way, that kind of attitude shows a sense of false self confidence which is not required at this stage, don’t let that overpower you
Vrish – You can gain from some family situation or even from investments or property, but side by side you may fritter away those gains unless you are careful
Day special – On financial matters at least you have to understand the strength of properly planning your life, this period is not supporting those plans and you may be going wrong on that, taking care of health is also paramount in this period
Mithun – Your own involvement in work can protect you from the hidden obstacles which are there in this period, for that reason this becomes a very strong and forceful situation for you to take advantage and that is important
Do – From your side you are not taking decisions with pragmatism, it is a different question that God is kind to protect you and support you in whatever decisions you are taking
Don’t – Don’t ignore the fact that financially this becomes a very strong period but be careful that you don’t waste this financial stability in any unplanned manner which may lead to unnecessary pressures or problems, don’t let that happen
Karka – You have to understand that you have got financial needs and responsibilities to fulfill, whereas you are constantly thinking about wasting your money and not fully utilizing it for the purpose for which it should be utilized
Day special – Your involvement towards your work is actually remarkable and can bring you enormous gains, for that to happen you must take the support of your own people or your friends and also invest judiciously in line with the need and requirements of the hour
Simha – Luck is very supportive to give you a prosperity at this stage, for that reason your personal and professional life becomes very strong and that is the goodness which this period provides
Do – There can be issues or circumstances connected with health or conflicts which need to be handled more than anything else, it is important to understand
Don’t – Don’t let anyone cheat you at this stage in any manner, especially in relationships if someone is not stable in views then you may have to think whether you wish to continue that relationship or not
Kanya – You are seriously thinking about taking some change in your career and that is strongly on your mind, largely it is not a very favorable situation for you to think on those lines because your expectations may not be met fully, for that reason you are yourself not convinced
Day Special – I feel that certain big decisions connected with your emotional relationships or your career need to be postponed for a while, otherwise it may distress you or dissatisfy you which is not what you desire
Tula – Extremely auspicious period for financial prosperity, this is because of your abilities as well as your own hard work which is reflecting in this manner, luck is also supporting you immensely and that is the goodness of this period
Do – Continue to maintain this stability which is abundantly clear in the chart, you have very stable views and you must maintain those views so that this goodness is also maintained
Don’t – Don’t let any upsets appear in your personal life and also in your marital life, for that you must take adequate care and not depend on luck unnecessarily, your own involvement towards others has to be maintained, don’t ignore that
Vrishchik – You may be creating stress for yourself in your work and that may lead to differences of opinion, lot of carefulness is required at this stage otherwise you may go wrong and cause upsets for yourself
Day special – Psychologically therefore you have to maintain lot of peace in your mind, that will be possible only if you make yourself very humble towards others and don’t push yourself unnecessarily
Dhanu – Very luck period in your overall involvements in life, especially in your family relationship or marital relationship if you are married,
Do – Your care about your own people can bring lot of happiness, but relationships cannot be proceeded with by dependence on luck, you will have to involve fully and only then you can reap the benefits
Don’t – Simultaneously don’t ignore the importance of your professional career at this stage, everything may seem stable but certain routine issues may still cause pressures on you, don’t let that happen
Makar – Stressful period as differences may lead to conflicts and conflicts may lead to stress, that is not looking good
Day special – More than anything else this is the period to draw the help and support from your own people, even in handling those stressful situations you must take the help and guidance of your own loved ones to protect your situation adequately
Kumbh – Relationships become strong and that is the factor which is appearing at this stage, you are also involved fully in your work and from this angle also this is a forceful and happy period,
Do – You are maintaining an excellent balance between your personal and professional life and this kind of balanced involvement will help you eventually, that is something which you must continue to do
Don’t – Don’t let any financial issues spoil the stability of this period, whether in the form of earnings or expenses there are hidden pressures at each step, don’t let that negatively impact your life at this stage
Meena – Certain stressful issues may emerge in your personal life or family life, indirectly it may have something to do with your financial angle or financial decisions,
Day special – If you stay committed in your involvements then nothing adverse will happen, for that reason you will have to first understand your own thoughts and your own views, only then you will be able to pin point the weaknesses which you carry at this stage

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