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Monday, June 29, 2009

Tuesday 30th June 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Psychologically you are worried for yourself even though many things are under control, but these are heightened thoughts about fears or anxiety connected with obstacles in life which are bothering you
Do – Indirectly you have to conduct yourself in a manner that your abilities shine, for that your performance must utilize your knowledge and that is important
Don’t – Don’t psychologically make yourself weak at this stage, don’t also think that everything is wrong whereas actually that is not the case
Vrish – On emotional matters or in some love relationship you are thinking of somebody who is away, for that reason you are constantly thinking about relationships only and that is making you psychologically stressed also
Day special – Actually this is a very favorable period for your own well being and your self-confidence, a little bit of involvement and increased performance can bring about lot of betterment in your life, that is what you should try and attempt at this stage
Mithun – Extremely favorable period for financial prosperity, but side by side you are also thinking about major changes or major decisions in life which may bring that prosperity
Do – While you attempt that you have to care for your own people as this period indicates that psychological desire also, while doing so there should not be any agitation or conflict on your mind
Don’t – On financial matters everything is stable but don’t get into any conflicts connected with money with your own people, that is something which will not bring any betterment, don’t therefore let that happen
Karka – Extremely good period for your own efforts to bring benefits to you, they can be in the form of your improvement in studies as also in the form of making your career, this focus will help you immensely both in financial and professional advantage
Day special –Maintain the goodness of this period and you will be benefited immensely, while doing so shed any thoughts of fears or anxieties which you may have on your mind as there is no scope for that
Simha – Extremely lucky period in many ways, financial angle is very well indicated and your requirement for financial responsibilities will be fulfilled, especially if it is connected with your work
Do – The most important aspect is that luck is favoring you at this stage and there are immense benefits for you, you have to maintain this goodness from your side and that is what you should do
Don’t – Don’t let any impulsive decisions or expenses bother you at this stage, for that reason you have to remain very polite and mild towards others, don’t ignore this advice
Kanya – This is a mixed period for you in many ways, luck is favoring you and professional angle is very stable, but on personal matters there are too many ups and downs which are causing unrest of mind
Day Special – Side by side you have to understand that there are many obstacles at this stage, your own efforts are also getting reduced for which you have to constantly work hard, that is the need of the hour and that will protect you at this stage
Tula – You are constantly thinking about bringing about major changes in your life, but you must understand that financially this continues to be a stable period and there is no need for you to bring about any changes,
Do – On the factor of relationships also this period is very stable and you have to continue to get the advantage in this manner, for that you have to remain very peaceful so that this goodness and harmony is maintained
Don’t – Don’t unnecessarily push for major changes at this stage, they may have many inherent problems associated with it, but you seem to be too rigid in your attitude
Vrishchik – This period may continue to show stress and pressures in your life, but on the aspect of family relationships there can be improvement but routine kind of pressures may continue
Day special – Especially on financial front the pressures may be high and that can be one of the causes for friction, you have to therefore remain very mild at this stage as that only can protect you
Dhanu – Extremely good period for your abilities to shine and for far off linkages too benefit you, on matters connected with your work you will have to involve fully and compete with others to show your goodness
Do – Indirectly therefore your knowledge comes to focus which you must portray at this stage, on top of it you have to utilize that knowledge in your work as that will improve your image in the eyes of others
Don’t – Don’t unnecessarily get into minor conflicts even on tribunal matters, this is true for professional situation as well as in your family situation which needs to be protected, don’t therefore go wrong on that
Makar – Extremely auspicious period for you to gain in terms of prosperity from home, family or property, luck favors you immensely and may also activate some relationships which are becoming stronger
Day special – Certain routine types of issues especially connected with your own people or your emotional affairs need to be protected, don’t therefore create any unrest or uneasiness from your side as that can lead to problems for you
Kumbh – Your own abilities and hard work is the hallmark of this period, but psychologically you seem to be uneasy as you carry lot of doubts or apprehensions on your mind,
Do – The first and foremost thing is to remove these pressures and stress from your mind, once you do that then your own contentment and happiness will increase and that should be your effort also
Don’t – Don’t therefore let any kind of psychological pressures overpower you, this may have indirect pressures in some love relationship but you are getting adequate support on that in any case
Meena – Extremely lucky period for financial prosperity, especially the savings and accumulation of wealth is indicated and that will give you happiness
Day special – Your own motivation is increasing like never before, you are convinced now that if you involve with others well and work towards your goals then they can be achieved, that realization itself will lead to your success

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