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Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday 29th June 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Psychologically you are uneasy and that is why you are inclined to get into conflicts, this is also a reflection of your undue firmness which you are showing at this stage and that needs to be reduced
Day special – Especially in personal life and in home and family you have to avoid any kind of differences, these may have indirect relationship to money and may be routine type of things, but they can get aggravated and cause undue psychological unrest, you have to protect yourself from that
Vrish – If you work hard at this stage then your studies will progress well and the path of success will open for you, psychologically also you are inclined to be associated with people in a better way and that shows harmonious relationships
Do – As the day progresses your own self-confidence will be back, you will move ahead with greater involvement in life and that is a good thing to see
Don’t – A little bit of carefulness in home and family is still required, even if people around you are more forceful than they should be still you have to remain peaceful, don’t go wrong on that
Mithun – You are very keen to make some good investments in life and that can bring overall auspiciousness and prosperity for you, that will also involve your better relationships in the days to come and that will also give you happiness
Day special – Gradually a situation is emerging in which you will stop making mistakes which you have been doing in the past, for that reason good times are ahead and you must welcome those good times in the days to come
Karka – You are very inclined to work hard at this stage and that is showing, that will lead to your success and your financial prosperity which is definitely needed at this stage
Do – Your financial commitments and responsibilities are increasing and for that matter money is required for various things, your present involvement therefore has to remain focused and you will be benefited immensely
Don’t – Don’t unnecessarily get into arguments or differences of opinion at this stage, that can annoy people of importance around you and cause harm to you, don’t let that happen
Simha – Because you are not fully aware of the facts you may make mistakes on financial matters, but if you think rationally and carefully then you can actually protect yourself at this stage
Day special – While your goodness is getting reflected you still need to involve towards your work more aggressively, for that reason some financial needs are also indicated but those will be arranged without any problems
Kanya – Excellent period for financial prosperity, luck is favoring you immensely in whatever you are trying to do, but relationships are a poor reflection of this period which you must understand
Do – To involve with weak areas is the greatest astrological guidance at this stage, involvement with your own people can bring about better happiness for you at this stage
Don’t – Don’t bring about any unnecessary changes in your life and especially in your work situation, indirectly that may increase your confusions and uneasiness and may lead to conflicts, don’t let that happen
Tula – Even though everything is stable still you are thinking of many options or alternatives in life, but changes at this stage may not be suggested because of the inherent obstacles which this period can give,
Day special – You have to therefore maintain lot of stability at this stage and not let your mind wonder here and there, that kind of peacefulness will help you and make you happy
Vrishchik – Extremely auspicious period for financial prosperity, as such your own commitment and hard work is paying you and that is a good reflection of the chart
Do – As the day progresses you will start getting the support from your spouse which has been lacking for a while, you also have been stiff in your attitude and there is improvement in that also
Don’t – Don’t therefore unnecessarily get into conflicts before those positive changes emerge, for that reason don’t annoy people around you unnecessarily as there is no need for that
Dhanu – Pressurizing period for your work and for your family relationships, from your side you need to ignore certain routine kind of matters as there is no point in pushing others unnecessarily,
Day special – Financial prosperity is likely to increase in the days to come and that is a good thing to see, side by side you have to avoid getting into any pressures or differences connected with finances
Makar – Extremely stable and auspicious period for relationships and for luck to support you, gains from your work are adequately indicated and that is giving you the desired happiness also
Do – Even though the period is stable you have to protect yourself from unnecessary pressures in relationships, I still feel that you are getting lot of support at this stage from everyone around you for which you have to be thankful to God
Don’t – Don’t therefore be unnecessarily perturbed at this stage, many things are under control and that is the goodness of this period, don’t let this get reduced because of your extremes of thinking
Kumbh – Weak period psychologically as you may not be as happy as you should ideally be, your thoughts are hovering only towards problems and that is where you have to change your thinking completely
Day special – You have to involve fully with people and then you will see that your relationships will also become vibrant, on the other hand you are psychologically becoming uneasy and that is a contradiction which you carry at this stage, you have to therefore have lot of patience at this stage
Meena – Some love relationship is becoming strong and you are trying to give it a permanent shape, but the influences are such that you may change your own views periodically and that is where you have to protect yourself
Do – In personal relationships and in family relationships you must involve fully and work hard towards maintaining smooth relationships, that will help you and protect you adequately
Don’t – Don’t unnecessarily get into conflicts with your own people, it is because of certain confusions and certain dissatisfactions connected with money that you may get into such issues, don’t let that happen

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