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Monday, June 22, 2009

Tuesday 23rd June 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are passing through a period in which you have to increase your knowledge and increase your efforts, you are thinking about that but in a confused manner
Day special – You have to remove the dissatisfactions on your mind and only then your dreams can be fulfilled, for that you have to inculcate a sense of professionalism in whatever you speak, you cannot be careless on that
Vrish – On any matters connected with financial gains or losses you cannot blame your luck, you have to understand that the eventual outcome of any effort is dependent on how you conduct yourself
Do – First of all you have to shed the fears and anxieties which you carry on your mind, secondly you cannot depend on luck even though luck is favoring you at this moment
Don’t – Don’t underestimate the goodness of this period, this period gives you stable financial inflows which will make you happy, but that is all based on your own focus which is excellent, don’t forget that
Mithun – You are creating obstacles for yourself with your own negative thinking, but simultaneously you are also witnessing the goodness by way of your hard work and that is a remarkable situation
Day special – Largely it is a situation in which you are wasting some of your gains in day to day manner, that shows some kind of lack of planning or impulsive decisions, you have to protect yourself from that
Karka – Your money may be under stress because you are yourself inclined to do so, even your own people, your partners, associates or supporters may cause that negative ness which is leading to your own loss
Do – Protect yourself from getting into any kind of differences with people around you, they can be important people who mean so much at this stage, you have to understand their views even if they are unfair
Don’t – Don’t therefore have any negative ness or confusion because of your dissatisfactions about other people, that is not giving you any happiness and that is not leading to any advantage, hence don’t do that
Simha – Certain issues connected with health matters may be upsetting, on top of that you have needs and responsibilities towards your work which have to be fulfilled
Day special – The overall pattern of this period is highly rewarding, but you have to understand the situation fully and pragmatically, you cannot risk your image which must be protected at this stage
Kanya – In professional matters you have to increase your knowledge and skills, there are too many confusions on your mind on that and that is why your performance is also getting affected
Do – Your involvement towards life is dependent on very lucky situations even if you feel distressed, that goodness is abundantly available and you must take advantage of that
Don’t – Don’t unnecessarily think of big changes or big moves in life, by doing so in a confused manner you may go wrong and that may lead to differences of opinion with your own loved ones also, don’t let that happen
Tula – You are not happy with your own people as you expect so much more from them, still on financial situation this is a favorable period and you may not be in any kind of loss
Day special – Routine pressures and matters are upsetting and may not help you, on top of it if you remain dissatisfied then it can complicate your matters further, you have to involve with your own people and try to draw happiness from them
Vrishchik – Your efforts are lacking because you are not convinced with what you are doing, even in emotional matters your thinking shows lots of ups and downs, this negative thinking is not going to help
Do – On one hand you are very firm in your attitude, on the other hand you are becoming too sentimental, this is a paradox which is making you unstable, you have to change this attitude
Don’t – Don’t let any routine kind of stress appear in your life, that may be connected with relationships with changes or with day to day pressures which you may have, don’t let that negativity or weakness overpower you at this stage
Dhanu – You may be thinking of increasing your financial prosperity at this stage but getting restless as you wish to achieve that faster than what is possible
Day special – At the same time you are getting into stress with people around you on routine day to day matters, for all that you need to have some amount of patience as there is nothing drastically wrong, you are just thinking in terms of extremes
Makar – Some health related issues may be there which are bothering you, also certain factors of stress are there in relationships which are not looking very good
Do – Protect yourself from getting into differences of opinion especially with people who matter at this moment, that may include your boss also
Don’t – Don’t be unnecessarily stressed or dissatisfied in life, that is a big negativity which will not give you happiness, you have to look at the good things of life and they are abundant
Kumbh – Certain selfish motives which you may carry on your mind about relationships are making you stressed, but if you move patiently and pragmatically then relationships can be very rewarding and that is something which you have to understand
Day special – Largely the situation is very favorable for you in every way, financial situation is stable and your hard work is showing, as long as there is adequate effort in life there should not be any worry
Meena – On one hand you want to do so much for people around you and for your own loved ones, on the other hand you are getting stressed for your financial position and your expenses, that can lead to differences of opinion
Do – If you wish to do something for others then you should do it whole heartedly, there should not be any question marks on that as that is not required
Don’t – Don’t let any conflicts appear in your personal life in any way, those may be because of the doubts and apprehensions which you carry about others in a very confused manner, for that reason you have many ups and downs of your own thinking, don’t let that happen

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