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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday 28th June 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – If you work hard at this stage, improve your knowledge, improve your focus then it will lead to success, it will make you wealthy and that is what you have to achieve in terms of progress and happiness in life
Do – Your involvement should be total and without any diversions of mind, indirectly I am saying that don’t think of achievements but concentrate on your work
Don’t – Don’t unnecessarily have doubts on your mind connected with your own hard work, there is no scope for such doubts as that kind of thinking is not going to help
Vrish – Your focus is so beautiful that you will definitely get happiness and gains from your own family or property, that is the goodness which this period reflects and it is based on your own hard work and involvements
Week special – Indirectly this period is also suggesting that your overall achievements in life can be remarkable, you just have to shed your anxieties and you will be on the right path of progress
Mithun – Your own hard work is getting reflected in this period and that is the goodness which you must gain from, some inherent obstacles are there at every step but that is something which you have to accept as a reality
Do – On routine matters you have to keep yourself very mild and cool, such routine issues are there at every step for each one of us, but that should not bother you
Don’t – Don’t forget that this can be a supportive period from everyone around you, your own people, your supporters, your spouse and even your boss, everyone will support you and help you
Karka – The goodness of this period in terms of financial prosperity can be lost because your planning is not there, you are yourself inclined to waste your money and that is where the problem lies
Week special – If you understand these forces then you will have to also involve fully in whatever work you are involved, especially in utilizing your knowledge in the right direction this period can be highly favorable
Simha – Extremely good period for your self-confidence as that will give you the gains which you expect, for that reason you have to also avoid differences of opinion with your own people at this stage as there is no scope for that
Do – Your involvement has to be total and for that luck is favoring you immensely, you will also get gains and support from your family in achieving your goals and that is important
Don’t – Don’t ignore the fact that your financial responsibilities are increasing, you have to fulfill those needs for which you have to protect yourself from unnecessary wastages of expenses, don’t let that happen
Kanya – You are very inclined to think about changes or change of situations in your life, but very careful planning is required because this period can inherently or indirectly cause pressures in you in terms of differences
Week Special – You have to therefore take proper advice from others and that too must be taken without any agitation or conflicts, it would be better if you postpone any big decisions at this stage as they may not work out in the manner in which you expect
Tula – It is an extremely auspicious period for financial prosperity, your abilities are giving you the rewards like never before
Do – To maintain the goodness of this period you have to understand certain implications, you cannot have dissatisfactions on your mind while you wish to achieve and enjoy this prosperity, hence you have to moderate your attitude
Don’t – Don’t ignore the fact that this period can actually help you that your abilities prosper, largely your own people are supporting you and helping you immensely, you have to take that advantage also, don’t ignore this advice
Vrishchik – The period is stable but there are certain pressures which you have to face, on professional front there can be pressures on you which are not looking as good and therefore you have to take care
Week special – Your own hard work and your own commitment towards work can help you at this stage, for that unstable views and unstable abilities or performance have to be improved
Dhanu – Luck favors you but you also have to understand that luck favors only the brave, for that reason this period suggests that you should depend on your own hard work as nothing can be more beneficial than that
Do – As such this is a period which supports your relationships also to be vibrant, but you have to avoid getting into unnecessary differences especially in the morning so that you are able to protect yourself, don’t go wrong on that
Don’t – Don’t
Makar – Stressful period as there can be issues connected with health at this stage, psychologically also you are getting disturbed for various reasons and therefore lot of peace is required
Week special – This is a period in which you may make mistakes from your side and also get stressed at the same time, on financial matters also as also for issues connected with boss you have to be more careful
Kumbh – Emotional relationships can be vibrant and you may draw happiness from that, your own people can be supportive to you and that can further enhance this period favorably
Do – If you involve with others and support others then you will be benefited, especially in relationships this becomes important because lot of happiness is attached to this factor indirectly
Don’t – Don’t have unnecessary doubts on your mind because based on that you may be impulsively taking your decisions, that includes impulsive expenses also which need to be protected, don’t go wrong on that
Meena – Certain conflicts or issues may creep into your personal life or in your home and family, these may have certain financial issues connected with that and you have to be very careful
Week special – Your own unstable thinking is one of the factors or reasons for this weakness, you have to maintain the stability of your mind and only then you can protect yourself from this situation, you have to therefore make yourself very mild and have peace on your mind to attain that

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