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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday 21st June 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh –excellent period for getting all kinds of prosperity from various sources, from home property your own efforts all kinds of gains are there
Week special – you may even gain from some of the disputable situations, but that does not mean that you should enter into the disputes to reduce the goodness of this period, that is something which you have to understand
Vrish –your own hard work can bring enormous goodness for you at this stage, this includes happiness from relationships as well as financial prosperity which is evident at this stage
Do – this is also a period in which you can gain if you communicate well with others, but you are actually inclined to waste your thoughts and efforts in diverted views at this stage
Don’t – don’t get into differences of opinion because you will put to loss yourself, you must understand that your opponents are stronger then you at this stage and therefore you can not win a battle, don’t do that
Mithun –your financial gains are stable and your saving are also making you happy, but you are wasting some of your savings because you are inclined for that yourself
Week special – even on certain conflicts with your own people or your loved ones you may reduce the goodness of this period, that is where a lot of protection is needed and you must understand that fact fully
Karka -your own hard work and efforts can bring enormous prosperity for you, but routine kind of issues and situations can put stress on you on account of which you may not enjoy that prosperity fully
Do – the best indication is for putting all your focus in your work in whichever work you are involved, that will benefit you more than anything else
Don’t – don’t get into arguments or any heated debate, especially with those people who are important in your spare and which may include your boss as well
Simha –you are very inclined for some changes in your life, you are very forcefully thinking about that and also keen to invest money in any new venture
Week special – even though this is a favorable and auspicious period still you have to protect yourself from any impulsive decisions or impulsive behavior, that can happen because of certain confused thoughts which you may have on your mind
Kanya –extremely auspicious period to get excellent rewards from your own work and from your own involvement, but certain issues need very careful planning and that includes any big decisions connected with your life at this stage
Do – from your side you are very stable in your thinking and there is nothing wrong in that, but luck may not favor you as much as you want and that is something which you have to understand
Don’t – don’t let your accumulated funds get into any kind of risks or difficulty as you may have to blame your own luck for having gone wrong on that, hence don’t let that happen
Tula –you may be doing well in your work in every sense, but you are putting too much of stress and pressures on you which can reflect negatively in various ways
Week special – for that reason you have to become a little mild in your attitude, otherwise it can lead to differences of opinion in personal life and that includes some love relationship also
Vrishchik -luck may support you immensely but routine pressures can also be immense, but largely it is a very lucky period for financial prosperity for which you are getting excellent benefits
Do – your own expenses or expenses of your partners or spouse can be high which can lead to stress and pressures, don’t forget to plan properly in that respect so that these pressures do not cause undue conflicts in your life
Don’t – don’t
Dhanu –somewhat stressful period because of your association with your own people, even at your work place you may not be psychologically as happy as you should be
Week special – the best protection which this period can provide is to work towards your goal and towards fulfillment of your dreams, but on that also you have unstable thoughts and ups and downs in your performance
Makar –some love relationship can be very rewarding and that makes you happy, you may be very keen to take your relationships to the higher level and that is what you are trying to do
Do – your own people may be very supportive of your views and your efforts, you must therefore take the help and advise from others
Don’t –in handling your relationships in general you have to avoid getting into the differences even if they are small issues, don’t let any negativity overpower you in this regard because this can reduce the happiness and stability which this period provides
Kumbh –some differences may creep into your home or family which may be indirectly connected with your emotional or love life, for that reason this period provides adequate opportunities for you to convey your feelings to people you are on due who matter
Week special – hence this is a period to reach out to others and to take the advantage fully, as such financial position is stable and that is another source of happiness
Meena –your own efforts have to be upgraded if you wish to succeed in your efforts to improve your life, for that you have to increase your knowledge as well as skills at this stage
Do – you also have to remove certain doubts or apprehension which you carry on your mind, this may be connected with your own performance or your own unstable views
Don’t – don’t ignore the prosperity factor which god is kind to provide to you at this stage, it is a very lucky period for financial stability but you can not risk your financial decisions to get into difficulties, hence don’t let that happen

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