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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thursday 18th June 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are getting excellent support and all kind of prosperity from everyone, but still you remain dissatisfied because your expectations are very high
Do – You have to be thankful to your own people who are guiding you and advising you at this moment, your involvement therefore should also be total towards them so that this goodness is maintained
Don’t – Don’t ignore the fact that financial prosperity is also intact and that is a result of your own hard work, but don’t get into any kind of routine issues or pressures in the form of differing views as that is not advisable
Vrish – If you are thinking about major changes, travels or plans then this may not help you, this period is not supporting you in that regard and therefore you may not be benefited in that manner
Day special – It seems that you have made up your mind on several issues, even if they are not in the right direction you are not willing to reassess your situation or change your plans, but at the same time you are dissatisfied nevertheless, that is where you have to understand the hidden indications of this period
Mithun – Your financial position may be excellent but you are still not satisfied with that, your expenses are also high and for that reason you are not very happy
Do – Your hard work is indicated and that is a remarkable thing, but on routine matters you tend to think in terms of extremes and that is the problem of this period, you have to understand that
Don’t – Don’t unnecessarily have doubts on your mind, for that reason you may be becoming very harsh in your speech and in your behavior towards others, don’t let that happen
Karka – It is an excellent period for your overall performance and involvement towards life, but still you have some amount of lack of trust in yourself which is not letting this goodness appear fully
Day special – Your abilities are excellent and that is giving you the right kind of path and performance, with your hard work you are able to improve your financial situation also, but savings are not good enough to give you happiness
Simha – You think and realize that this is a lucky period, but somehow you are wasting this goodness because of the extremes of negative ness which you carry at this stage
Do – Look at the goodness of this period and you will be able to get lot of patience on your mind, unnecessarily thinking about worries is also not a very good thing, you have to avoid that
Don’t – Don’t ignore the fact that destiny is made with your own hard work and your own performance, for that this period is becoming very stable and supportive
Kanya – You will have to be careful with your finances, otherwise any kind of wrong move or wrong decision can lead to your money getting stuck
Day Special – Generally it is a favorable period in which lot of protection is there, but on financial matters and also on relationships you have to take extra precautions so that you do not go wrong
Tula – Your personal life is becoming vibrant but at the same time you are getting dissatisfied with your work, you need to therefore maintain a great balance between the two so that no single area suffers
Do – From your side you are trying to maintain excellent relationships with others, but in some love relationship greater involvement is still required to remove the pressures and doubts which you carry
Don’t – Don’t unnecessarily have doubts for people around you, they do not deserve to be treated with this kind of uncertain behavior form your side, don’t do that
Vrishchik – You may not be happy with the way your luck is favoring you and that makes you dissatisfied, but you have excellent self confidence which does not require any kind of psychological support which you wish to get
Day special – Still I would say that you should remove the doubts and apprehensions on your mind and also make yourself milder towards others, these two things will help you immensely in making your life happier
Dhanu – You have the abilities in abundance, you can handle your relationships also very well, but you continue ti have certain doubts or apprehensions on your mind which are in the form of obstacles
Do – In your involvements you should show total devotion, that single factor will help you to stabilize your psychological well being
Don’t – Don’t ignore the routine stress or issues which keep on coming up in your career, this needs to be protected for a few more days and then everything will be alright, don’t ignore this important advice
Makar – Everything is stable in your personal life but you have doubts about your own people, you are not happy and this kind of thinking is your own mistake
Day special – One should always look at the positive aspects of life, that is important and that will help you to achieve happiness at this stage, you must remember that
Kumbh – Certain apprehensions about your health may bother you, you may be for that reason not inclined to draw the best of happiness which this period otherwise provides
Do – Even in your career you have to maintain humility so that differences of opinion do not arise, on health factor do take care of yourself as it is important
Don’t – Don’t let the goodness of this period get reduced because there are issues on your mind, some amount of patience or carefulness will protect you in this regard and you will be happy
Meena – Emotional inclinations are not giving you any great happiness, you are getting away from your own people and from your own loved ones, that is not looking good
Day special – You yourself have many ups and downs of thinking, you are inclined to change your own decisions at this stage even though you show that you are very firm and upright, but psychologically you are becoming weak at this stage which needs to be improved

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