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Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday 14th August 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh –excellent period to get happiness and support in every way and specially from your own people, I can also see that for financial reasons this period is highly supportive to give you overall prosperity
Do –the best possible gains are for your personal life and marital life to be happy, your relationships will give you happiness and that is where your involvement should lie
Don’t –don’t create unnecessary stress for yourself because of your forceful and rigid ways, especially in whatever you speak you have to remain very mild, don’t go wrong on that
Vrish –psychologically it is very promising period for you, this motivates to you to move ahead in life and to plan properly
Day special –for that reason you are also getting excellent support from various quarters, but in all this goodness you are inclined to create looses or wastages for you also side by side, that is where some protection is needed
Mithun-you are inclined to waste your money unnecessarily and this can create lot of pressure on you, for that reason you have to remain very careful
Do –in your eating habits also you have to be careful as it can lead to unnecessary health related pressures, that is where some amount of moderation is required
Don’t –don’t ignore the need to communicate properly and to convey your feelings by speaking or writing, as such you must improve your writing abilities at this stage, don’t ignore this good advise
Karka –financial position is very stable and that is making you happy, gains from your work are adequate and that is a blessing
Day special –but your savings are under pressures because of lack of planning, side by side there can be pressures of wrong advise or cheating because of which you accumulated funds may be lost
Day special- you need to become mild in your attitude otherwise you will not realize the implications of this period, you will continue to have your way and that can lead to pressures, protect yourself from that
Simha –major changes or alternatives in life can prove to be somewhat stressful, but as a mixed period there are many gains also indicated side by side and you are inclined to take your decisions in a slightly rigid manner,
Do –god is kind and many factors of goodness is available, but whatever be the goodness lack of planning can eat away the auspiciousness without any reason, be careful on that
Don’t –don’t side by side ignore that there are pressures of financial disputes in this period, you must appreciate the support and help of others so that these disputes are kept in minimum, don’t go wrong on that
Kanya –extremely auspicious period for financial prosperity, you will be able to use these funds amicably and to fulfill your needs
Day special – financially routine issues keep on bothering you, on personal matters you are not getting as much happiness from relationships which you want, for these reasons there can be constant pressures on you as well
Tula –you have to improve your work performance and for that this period is specifically indicated, you have to invest your time as well as money in your work to establish your life and make your destiny
Do –in all this efforts you have to remain cool and that will help you, as such luck is supportive
Don’t –don’t let your money be put into any kind of risk as that kind of carefulness is specifically needed, don’t go wrong on this as you can increase your pressures by doing so on account of your rigid behavior
Vrishchik –extremely lucky period in many ways, in whatever you are doing this period will support you and will also give you happiness
Day special –the background to this happiness is in a manner that you are involving with others very well, that includes your family and your own loved ones, despite pressures your involvement will help you to overcome many issues, that is the goodness which you carry
Dhanu – stressful period as you are getting depressed, but you have to understand the intricacies of life and also the fact that the god has charted a course for all of us
Do –in moving ahead in life past memories are important, but you can not become rejected thinking about your memories and getting uneasy
Don’t –don’t be unnecessarily rigid as that can be a cause of obstacles in this period, especially in personal matters and family related issues your goodness has to emerge fully and forcefully
Makar –extremely auspicious period for some love relationship to be strong, but in personal relationships there are many factors of disagreements for which you must know the facts fully
Day special –you are very keen to spend money or give gifts to your loved ones, but despite doing that certain pressures or differences may still remain, you have to be careful on that also
Kumbh – in family relationships in general and marital relationship in particular there are issues which need to be handled, for doing so you are trying to be extremely nice to every one and also trying to understand the views of others, especially towards your children or your loved ones this period is very supportive
Do – but you have to control certain disputes within the family for which you have to become mild, side by side you have to be constantly involved and use certain important documents to resolve family related issues
Don’t –don’t forget that lot of protection and divine blessing is available to you to handle your affairs, this goodness must be maintained so that no one harms you by talking at your back
Meena –your education can prosper as this is a period to work hard, you have actually realize the importance of this effort and that is going to improve your situation further
Day special – from your side there has been some weakness for a while in terms of your own attitude and performance, but this changed view point and constant hard work will definitely improve the situation gradually, you have to take the benefit from the situation fully

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