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Friday, August 28, 2009

Saturday 29 August 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Certain worries or apprehensions are there on your mind connected with your own people, you are also trying to invest and for that also you are not able to decide
Day special – Career issues are such that luck may not help you, whereas you are depending on luck largely, remember that your own abilities are abundant and you can use them to your advantage
Vrish – You are trying to work hard but not able to do whole heartedly, for that reason you have divergent views and there is some lack of focus
Do – Remember that people who are successful have a goal in their mind for which they strive to work, any lack of focus is a directionless effort which does not lead to anything
Don’t – Don’t be unnecessarily uneasy with your financial matters, these are the thoughts made up in the mind and they may not have as much reality as you think, don’t therefore needlessly stress yourself on that
Mithun – In matters connected with relationships lots of things have to be discussed, you have to put forward your views and do that without hiding anything
Day special – By doing so you will be able to protect your situation in your career as well as in your home, that kind of transparency will work better for you
Karka – Health related issues can be there in which proper investigation is required, even if it is a factor of health for some of your loved ones you are concerned about that
Do – Remember that you have to fulfill your responsibilities towards others, in any thing you do there can be stress, but that has to be accepted as a reality
Don’t – Don’t be worried about the financial implications which this period may throw up, that is an aspect which will be met adequately and therefore don’t be worried about that
Simha – If someone is away and you are emotionally inclined towards such a person then you are stressed, for that reason you are trying for travel or for certain changes in life also
Day special – This period gives you excellent self-confidence, but because of worries on your mind you are becoming rigid and unfair, protect yourself from that
Kanya – Your expectations are high and they are not being met fully, but if you seriously think about it there cannot be a better situation than this at this stage
Do – If you think that your own people are not supporting you then you have to realize the view point of others also, especially in some love relationship there is a bigger need to understand that fact
Don’t – Don’t trust anyone blindly, whether in financial matters or in relationships, try to understand the goodness of people only then take decisions connected with that
Tula – You are involving in your work fully and that is appreciable, but there is still need to improve your performance so that you are able to fulfill your dreams
Day special – There is one hidden factor which can reduce your focus, certain issues within your family are disturbing you, that is where you need to keep a lot of patience
Vrishchik – Major changes in life should not be based on luck factor, there has to be the inbuilt hard work behind that so that you are able to achieve success
Do – For doing that you have to remove certain factors of uneasiness and apprehensions from your mind, that will help you immensely to move forward in life
Don’t – Don’t ignore the routine matters and small issues which are important, for that reason in any discussion show your mildness and show your goodness even if you are not good to others, don’t go wrong on that
Dhanu – You may be creating stress for yourself by your own thinking, at the same time you cannot ignore your health which you tend to ignore periodically
Day special – Take care of your eating and drinking habits as that is very important, there is lot of neglect on that which you are not realizing
Makar – Generally lucky period and there is nothing to worry especially on financial matters if you think in terms of extremes then this will not help, you have to take adequate care with people around you and give importance to them
Do – This period is weak and stressful in many ways, the best foot forward is to stay connected to your work and forget everything else, relationships can be strong and that can provide the necessary protection
Don’t – Don’t therefore think negatively and think in terms of extremes, generally luck is supportive and favorable, therefore routine kind of pressure and stress has to be handled carefully
Kumbh – On account of financial pressures you are getting into conflicts, for that reason you are not able to trust any one around you and that is unfortunate
Day special – The auspiciousness hidden in this period is getting reduced because of these issues, certain periods are such where lot of patience helps, this is one such period in which you have to accept the views of others as those views are advantageous to you
Meena – Lot of weakness is there connected with your work, your knowledge is getting reduced your abilities are not up to the mark and your performance needs to be improved
Do – Most importantly you have to understand your own responsibilities at this stage, by having ups and downs of your own thinking is not going to help
Don’t – Don’t get into any emotional relationship at your work place, that can have many hidden factors and that can spoil your image also, don’t therefore take that risk

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