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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Friday 28 August 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your focus is getting wasted or diverted, certain unnecessary pressures and conflicts are taking your time and energy and that is the wasteful situation
Do – Your overall sense of unhappiness and dissatisfaction is overpowering you, that is where you have to try and change that situation by changing your mind set
Don’t – Don’t side by side ignore the factors of your health, even if they are based on routine kind of pressures they still need to be assessed and handled better
Vrish – Excellent situation for some love relationship to prosper, but you have many hidden fears as you move on that path of relationships, especially if it is not ethically correct
Day special – There may be a need for you to get into arguments or to convince others, but before that you have to ask yourself whether you are on the right path or not
Mithun – Excellent period for family happiness to emerge, but your mind is too agitated at this stage to appreciate the goodness of the period and the happiness which it can give
Do – From your side if you remain mild and appreciate the views of others then things can improve, that will help
Don’t – Don’t get into any financial disputes at this stage, that can complicate the matters further and that is not really required
Karka – Your efforts can be remarkable and there is no problem on that, but on professional matters you are not as satisfied as you should be and that is where the problem lies
Day special – You are unnecessarily trying to bring about changes or think of far off linkages, it may seem to be lucrative but certain hidden issues keep on bothering you
Simha – Excellent period for financial prosperity, your self-confidence is high and that can take care of many things
Do – As far as gains are concerned you may not be fully satisfied, your expectations are high and that is why you may even get into depression especially with your own people
Kanya – Excellent period for professional stability and your overall well being, you are motivated to work hard towards that and to maintain this goodness
Day Special – You are somewhat stressed for money as your expenses are high and uncontrolled, you are also worried about certain intrigues going on on your back and that factor can depress you also, you need to protect yourself from that
Tula – Your expenses are high and they are of routine nature, you are not able to control that and indirectly that can put pressure on you and create confusions on your mind
Do – The biggest goodness of this period is to focus towards your work, by doing so you can reduce the dissatisfaction of your mind and that can improve your overall well being better
Don’t – Don’t depend too much on luck at this stage as that is not the right thing to do, by doing so you are reducing your own focus towards life and your own efforts, that is the mistake which you are doing
Vrishchik – Excellent financial situation for you as nothing can be better than this, still you are inclined to blame your luck because your expenses are high,
Day special – If your own people are being extravagant with money then it is your responsibility to make them understand, but that can lead to differences of opinion and that is where the problem lies
Dhanu – Certain positive circumstances can appear in your professional life, you are thinking of changes and alternatives and there is some amount of uneasiness on your mind connected with that
Do – Any big decision in life has to be taken with lot of peace and patience, for that reason you have to become very mild and not show any uneasiness or depression
Don’t – In some love relationship also don’t show your unfair desires, by showing any selfish desire you may be creating a rift which may be difficult to handle
Makar – Generally lucky period as many things can be stable and under control, but routine pressures are in the form of differences which continue to be there
Day special – Especially on family matters and personal matters there can be agitations of mind, those need to be protected to avoid any kind of unnecessary conflict which may spoil the goodness of this period
Kumbh – Certain unexpected circumstances may create stress in your work, similar circumstances may lead to pressures in your personal relationships also
Do – Most of these issues are made up in your mind and not real, that is the reason that you are getting into conflicts and difficulties which can be avoided
Don’t – Don’t neglect your hard work and involvement in your studies if you are a student, even if there are certain pressures or obstacles this effort at this stage will help you immensely to overcome many factors, don’t ignore this fact
Meena – Personal relationship is vibrant and family circumstances are happy, luck is favoring you and God is kind in many ways, but some love relationship especially if it is being hidden from society can bring lot of pressure for you, that is where you have to understand the reality and try to move on the path of goodness

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