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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thursday 27 August 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are somewhat depressed thinking about your work and your finances, you have this tendency of worrying too much and that is complicating the matters further
Day special – Relationships seem to be strong and you are devoting your energies towards that, but there are hidden issues which keep on bothering you and that is the cause of stress, overall it is a weak and stressful period
Vrish – Professional situation is strong but your worries are connected with personal relationship, especially in family or in marriage there are issues which need to be handled better
Do – You must whole heartedly connect with others and discuss the matters, that will help you to overcome your dissatisfaction and take the right decisions
Don’t – While attempting any effort don’t make your mind agitated, don’t loose your temper as that is not going to help
Mithun – Health can be a cause for concern and certain conflicts can also bother you, one of the reasons is that you are not understanding the situation and becoming too stiff in your attitude
Day special – Make yourself very mild as that will help you immensely, try to understand the other persons point of view even where you know that the other person is being unfair,
Karka – Personal relationships are not giving you any great happiness, there are pressures and obstacles in personal life which are not looking good
Do – Each issue has to be handled carefully and step by step, by doing so you have to shed the uneasiness and dissatisfaction which you carry, distance is one cause for pressure in relationships, but there are essential situations which have to be done even at the cost of ignoring the pressures of relationships at this stage
Don’t – Don’t be too harsh in your attitude, that can complicate the matters and that can even put your money into risk, don’t therefore make this mistake
Simha – You are not happy with your personal relationships at all, whether within the family or in some love relationship, there are many issues which need better focus from your side
Day special – The only effort which will work out at this stage is to shed your confusions and depression, you have to look at the goodness of this period which is abundant, financial situation is strong and that will please you
Kanya – Far off linkages are important and they are heavy on your mind, that is one of the reasons of certain unhappiness especially when it is connected with relationships or in some conflicts connected with relationships
Do – Your focus towards your work is reducing because of your present mind set, that is where the problem is and that is something which needs to be improved
Don’t – Don’t forget that this is a period which gives you immense self-confidence, especially on professional matters this can be helpful, but ignore the personal relationships which are looking weak
Tula – It may be a generally lucky period, but you are reducing the goodness by your unplanned ways, your commitment towards work is good and that must be maintained
Day special – This may be generally a gainful period but you are not satisfied because your expectations are high, your needs are also more because you are not planning properly, all this requires care
Vrishchik – Certain dissatisfaction are there in your work even though there is tremendous strength as a divine blessing, these may be normal ups and downs which we all go through and there is nothing drastically adverse
Do – If you improve your involvement in whatever you are doing then your dissatisfaction can be controlled, that is the bigger game plan which you must try to attempt
Don’t – Don’t always think of pressures problems, that can be a depressing thought and that is not required, look at the goodness and you will be thankful to God
Dhanu – Generally auspicious period as nothing can be better than this, professional issues are stable and God is kind in many ways,
Day special – Your dissatisfaction are connected with your monetary matters, your expenses are also uncontrolled and that complicates the matter further, all this needs to be planned properly
Makar – Weak period for finances as you can risk your money and that can lead to losses, certain decisions of monetary nature are very impulsive and that is by your getting into this situation
Do – Plan well and postpone your financial decisions for a while, that factor can protect you immensely
Don’t – Don’t ignore this advice as sometimes not doing a thing can also be a strategy, in the coming days you will realize that luck is protecting you and for that reason don’t go wrong at this stage
Kumbh – You are carrying dissatisfaction connected with your work, for that reason your abilities are not coming to surface and you are not able to utilize them properly
Day special – If you are trying to please others then you should be prepared for higher expenses connected with that also, still your desires may not be met fully and therefore you may not be able to achieve what you wish to achieve
Meena – Money has to be protected and wastage have to be plugged, by blaming luck you will not be able to achieve anything
Do – On financial matters at least I feel that you are at fault in many ways, your financial decisions are based on confusions and dissatisfaction,
Don’t – Don’t get into any love relationship at this stage as it may not give you any happiness, there are many hidden pressures and obstacles connected with that

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