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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Monday 10th August 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Gradually you are realizing the importance of accumulating more knowledge, that will help you to prove your abilities further and that will motivate you to work hard
Do – In this entire effort you are also depending on your supporters, well wishers and loved ones, this involvement will further prove to be beneficial to you in the long run
Don’t – Don’t unnecessarily think of major changes or expect major improvements at this stage, don’t also think of unnecessary desire for change of place as that may not give you the advantage which you expect
Vrish – Your focus is such that it will improve your professional situation further, but it may not improve your financial position as much as you desire
Day special – For that reason you are somewhat dissatisfied about your financial inflows, but generally God is kind to provide the growth and stability which you aspire, for that reason you have to constantly upgrade yourself and not get dissatisfied
Mithun – Mixed period as there are many factors working at the same time, professional situation may not be great but your involvement is still praiseworthy
Do – In your work related efforts there are many ups and downs, that needs to be corrected and improved
Don’t – Don’t neglect your own people, your partners, your spouse, your well wishers, you may not be satisfied with their attitude but you need to keep your patience, don’t go wrong on that
Karka – Stress is in the form of obstacles which keeps on bothering you, some pressures in personal relationships are also simultaneously there which needs better care
Day special – You have to take better care of your financial position as there are many pressures in that, your money may get struck and your routine expenses may be high, that is where you need lot of protection
Simha – You may be getting lot of support from others but simultaneously there are too many issues which lead to differences, indirectly these factors have monetary implications attached to it and that requires better involvement
Do – Psychologically you need to be more at peace otherwise this period can stress you, especially on your desire for certain big changes or alternatives in life,
Don’t – Don’t side by side neglect the weakness which is appearing in some love relationship, there are many pressures and obstacles connected with that, don’t get into any unnecessary conflict in that as it may complicate matters further,
Kanya – Desires in life must be practical and pragmatic, that is the first and foremost understanding which you must have at this stage
Day Special – For that reason you can neither be selfish nor over possessive, you have to understand the views of others and only then you will be benefited
Tula – This is generally a very stable and gainful period for you in many ways, students will also stand to benefit and luck will also help you in many ways,
Do – You must have self-confidence as that will help you to gain what you wish to gain, routine pressures and stress must be handled peacefully as that will help
Don’t – Don’t forget that some of your gains need to be used for fulfilling your needs and responsibilities, they may also be required for repayment of your loans or liabilities, don’t hesitate to do that at this stage
Vrishchik – Your knowledge may not be supporting you fully at this stage, but your hard work will compensate that adequately and help you to move forward
Day special – Constant efforts to upgrade your knowledge will help you eventually, the weakness in this regard has to be understood so that you are able to involve better, don’t have any dissatisfaction or lack of trust in this regard as that will not help
Dhanu – Generally lucky period for your professional situation to become strong, this is a direct linkage to your own abilities which are now shining
Do – Your expectations of help or gains from your own people may not be met fully, for that reason you may have to control your heightened desires or expectations
Don’t – Don’t therefore make yourself negative in your approach or attitude, by doing so you will be able to control your outbursts of dissatisfaction and anger
Makar – On one hand your own efforts are reducing and on the other hand you are creating obstacles for yourself, you need to even protect your finances more carefully and with better planning
Day special – The foremost requirement at this stage is to control your dissatisfactions as that can be unfortunate, any major plans may not give you the desired results at this stage
Kumbh – You are trying to involve very well with others and that includes your efforts in some love relationship also, but you must understand that there are inherent obstacles and pressures in this regard
Do – There is need for you to talk over your differences and discuss your matters, that will help you to control your dissatisfaction also
Don’t – Don’t unnecessarily waste your money at this stage as it is not being utilized in the right direction, that will also not solve your problems at this stage, don’t therefore go wrong on that, plan well as that is important
Meena – Certain family related pressures and conflicts may be there in your life, there may be some under current of financial reasons in that which you must understand
Day special – You are giving too much of importance to money and that is complicating the matters further, but you must understand that your career needs to be improved further and neglecting that at this stage is not to your advantage

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