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Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday 21 August 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh –excellent period for personal relationships, you will get happiness and support
Day special –there can be hindrances in financial matters, but as the day progresses you will be able to resolve those issues, still certain apprehensions may continue on your mind
Vrish –you will get lot of happiness in your personal life, but certain differences connected with losses or with partners may trouble you
Do – keep yourself very mild and try to showcase your abilities better, that will indirectly provide the goodness to you at this stage
Don’t –don’t unnecessarily get into differences conflicts or even legal issues, you need to show your pragmatism at this stage and be a bit philanthropic also, don’t let any reduction come in your goodness at this stage
Mithun –your own efforts and hard work is indicated, but in some love relationship there can be unnecessary pressures or there may be separation
Day special – this is a period which shows that you are right, in your approach in your thinking as well as in your interaction with others, that is important
Karka – you may be creating pressures for yourself on account of decisions which you have made forcefully, especially on matters connected with finances or with regard to some change of place
Do – lot of carefulness is required as your expectations may not be fully met, as such this period indicates lot of stability and happiness for you,
Don’t –don’t disturb that stability unnecessarily as it can lead to wasteful pressures on you, even on account of matters related with your work this period requires that stability must be maintained, don’t go wrong on that
Simha –excellent period for your self confidence to be high, for that reason your own efforts are remarkable and your work is giving you excellent benefits
Day special – work related or career matters are very well placed, that increases your self confidence dramatically and that will provide the goodness, protect yourself from unnecessary differences of opinion
Kanya –you wish to change the course of your life, for that you may have to arrange funds for improving your work, that process can be stressful
Do – increase in efforts in work is remarkable, but unnecessarily putting more money into it can lead to wasteful losses also, be careful on that
Don’t – for that reason don’t depend too much on luck as that is not required, as such the situation is very forceful and there is no need to panic, don’t be psychologically uneasy as that is not required
Tula –extremely auspicious period for you to get financial gain, for that reason you are very focused in life and that is important
Day special – the weakness lies in the fact that your routine pressures are increasing on one hand, and on the other your own efforts are reducing, these are the two factors which can reduce the goodness of this period, protect yourself from that
Vrishchik -professional matters are very well placed but changes or far of linkages can cause upsets, even in your personal relationships or marital life lot of care is required to maintain harmony
Do – stay peaceful and have lot of patience, you will get financial gain, that stabilizes your work related efforts all the more
Don’t –don’t therefore unnecessarily think of changes or wasteful expenses, just have patience and things will be all right
Dhanu –financial matters need not be discussed unnecessarily, otherwise they can lead to arguments which is not required
Day special –as such in whatever you speak you have to be careful, you can not do that with uneasiness on your mind as that can lead to your own loss, take advantage of the professional situation becoming strong
Makar –goodness of this period is reduced because of your own thinking, psychologically you are remaining stressed with others which is not required
Do – devoting some time to increase your abilities and performance will improve the matter further, that is where your success lies
Don’t –don’t think in terms of extremes and think negatively, don’t think that your boos is too rigid or against you, the fault lies in you which needs to be addressed
Kumbh –extremely auspicious period as nothing can be better then this, especially on work related matters there is tremendous goodness which has to be sustained
Day special –your own people your partners or even spouse can be highly supportive, if you understand this goodness then this can give you long term gains which will make you happy
Meena –the goodness of this period is getting reduced because of certain obstacles appearing suddenly, even at your own hard work and positiveness can go wrong for which you have to be careful
Do – make yourself mild and control any kind of agitation, any kind of dispute at this stage can be harmful
Don’t – don’t therefore be too much focused on money alone, that is not required and for that reason you can not go wrong, that carefulness is definitely required

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