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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Friday 24 June 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You wish to make a lot of effort, but your mind is diverted and that is why you are not able to accomplish what you wish to do.
Do – There is need for you to keep your mind stable and also focus on one thing at a time, and for that you should try to study well and improve your knowledge.
Don’t – Don’t get into any kind of conflicts in relationships, especially in some love relationship you have to try and understand the views of others.

Vrishabh – Financial position is stable although you are not able to hold on to those gains fully, for that reason you are being a bit too careless in your expenses and in your wastages.
Day special – There is need for you to communicate and speak out your views, that will bring in lot of happiness in your personal life in home and family as well.

Mithun – Your sense of well being is remarkably placed and you are getting the gains also accordingly, that shows your focused involvement in your work as well as in your personal life.
Do – If there is any need for arranging funds for your work then this is the period to do so, but that is to be planned in such a manner that you don’t create any wastages in any way.
Don’t – Don’t take any loans or increase your borrowings in any manner, as such God is kind to provide whatever you wish to have and that is a blessing.

Karka – Travels or changes may be on your mind but that needs to be thought of very carefully, whatever may seem to be minor issues or small outflows can lead to bigger problems.
Day special – Generally luck is favoring you to take advantage of your work, for that reason your gains and your rewards are very well indicated and inflow of money is also indirectly indicated.

Simha – Excellent period for financial prosperity as your focus towards that is remarkable, as a result your motivation is high and you are working very hard to improve your career further.
Do – But there are certain pressures and problems in personal relationships which are not looking as good, you may be depending too much on luck but you are not able to convince your elders the way you want.
Don’t – Don’t therefore push anything at this stage as this is not the right time to do so, you will have to possibly wait for the right moment and keep patience in the process.

Kanya – Work related situation is very well placed but you may not get the support of your well-wishers the way you want, your partners therefore will have to be handled very carefully so that it does not lead to any problems.
Day special – For this very reason changes or alternatives should not be undertaken at this stage, it will be prudent to resolve your present day issues rather than plan for anything big at this stage.

Tula – Luck is favoring you but wastages will have to be controlled nevertheless, that is why this period requires greater care.
Do – In personal life or in marital life, if you are married, you will have to be careful, this period shows stress and pressures which will have to be resolved with lot of humility.
Don’t – Don’t therefore let matters get out of hand in any manner, don’t at the same time forget that financial situation is stable but it should not lead to any wastages at the same time.

Vrishchik – There are pressures and problems on day-to-day basis which you will have to handle, these are challenging times and therefore you have to keep a lot of patience in the process.
Day special – Relationships are difficult to handle and that is where your maturity of mind will help, you will have to listen more and connect with others in such a manner that you show your care.

Dhanu – You have to take care of others as much as possible, these are the bigger responsibilities which you are carrying at the moment in which your family and your loved ones are important to you.
Do – Personal care is very important for which you need to understand many things, health may not be so much of a concern but regularity of your lifestyle is very essential.
Don’t – Don’t at the same time stress yourself or pressurize yourself on the psychological front, carrying a very peaceful thinking will eventually be beneficial to you in which you must stay connected with your own loved ones.

Makar – You have to be careful because this is a weak period, minor issues may convert into bigger conflicts which is not desired.
Day special – Communicate well and show your care, especially for those who are important which includes your boss as well.

Kumbh – Personal relationships are important and some love relationship is building on your mind, you are trying to convey your thoughts very well and communicate very effectively.
Do – Personal life happiness is very much possible because you are making efforts in that direction, especially in what you speak you have to convey this goodness to others as to what you can do for others.
Don’t – Don’t forget that improving your relationships in your personal life or in your marital life will be very essential, and your partner will be highly supportive if you take that first step.

Meena – Personal life stability and happiness is intact and you are happy, but there are certain factors of issues connected with the health of your own loved ones which may bother you.
Day special – Discuss your matters and take the right guidance, for that reason you will have to realize that knowing about the problem in detail will be essential, in any investigation you must get to the root of the problems so that you are able to resolve them.

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