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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday 14 June 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are becoming stressed and depressive because not many things are moving to your advantage, that is why a lot of unfounded thoughts are also crossing your mind which are not actually required.
Do – It is needed that you remain peaceful and let this period pass, you cannot think everything to be negative as that is not the right approach.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that there are many good aspects also which you can carry, at least the picture is becoming clearer before you now and that is advantageous.

Vrishabh – Relationships are on your mind and you want to give them a fair try, you want to take your thoughts forward and connect with your loved ones but you are not happy the way situation is emerging.
Day special – Your self confidence will help you but your depressive nature is making you distressed, you have to therefore remain positive in your approach and hope for the best.

Mithun – Issues in personal life need to be handled more pragmatically, there is nothing adverse in it and your own people are ever loving and supportive.
Do – Your own thoughts of uneasiness or dissatisfactions are cropping up to give you this problem, you have to be peaceful in your mind otherwise you may effect your health also in the process.
Don’t – Don’t therefore pressurize yourself in more than one ways, on financial front also you are stressing yourself by thinking that there are problems and losses.

Karka – This is a period which may motivate you to work hard, but somehow the best cannot be achieved in this period as there are many weaknesses despite your desire to do more.
Day special – On one hand you are becoming negative in your thoughts, on the other hand you are diverting your mind and your actions in such a manner that your efforts are becoming meaningless, that is where the problems lies.

Simha – There can be gains for you in many ways from your own loved ones or even your assets, but somehow you are not happy because your expectations were higher.
Do – Basically you have to understand that every step cannot give you the rewards or profits, there are moments in life when you do many things to stabilize your situation so that your future becomes beneficial.
Don’t – Don’t therefore ignore the fact that work related advantage is immense and your overall auspiciousness is intact, very soon you will be able to reap the rewards also of your efforts.

Kanya – You may not be able to perform as much as you desire but you are still doing sufficiently good work from your side, psychologically you must remain at peace so that the advantage is reaped over a period of time.
Day special – Work related matters are generally stable for which you are motivated, even obstacles are now getting controlled despite your dissatisfactions and you will see that many things are turning to your favor.

Tula – Weak period as your financial prosperity will be under pressure, your wastages are indicated and your problems are showing.
Do – Luck has started favoring you now and that will benefit you immensely, but there are many hidden and lingering issues which will continue to bother you for some more time.
Don’t – Don’t therefore loose peace of your mind and understand the implications of this period, getting depressed or dissatisfied is not going to solve your problems, you have to get up and get going and only then your favorableness will emerge.

Vrishchik – You are looking at higher gains and for that matter you are working hard also for that purpose, now this is a period to push yourself more forcefully into the future so that you are benefited.
Day special – You have a very positive approach to accept what others are saying, that is the kind of humility which will help you now to connect with others and to get the advantage.

Dhanu – You may be uneasy or depressed looking at your professional career, but there are other priorities which you have to look at and which must be handled in a stable manner.
Do – For handling your personal life issues you have to chalk out a plan and move as per that plan, this planning will help you to overcome your pressures as well as your dissatisfactions at the same time.
Don’t – Don’t ignore your health as that is another factor which needs care, you have to therefore devote some time towards your own well being also which is important.

Makar – Generally lucky period for financial prosperity which is intact, but your dissatisfactions lie because you are not able to convince your own loved ones as to what is important in life.
Day special – You sometimes feel that you are faced with a situation where there is a communication gap with your own people, you are not able to convince others as to what is right and what is wrong.

Kumbh – Psychological pressures connected with work can further depress you, despite your own goodness you are not able to reap the best rewards even from relationships.
Do – Sudden upsets and sudden obstacles may still be there, but you will be able to find happiness in your own personal life which is very vibrant and God is kind on that.
Don’t – Don’t therefore stress yourself by thinking of negativity all the time, these may be psychological issues in which you are thinking negatively and getting depressed at the same time.

Meena – If you connect with your own people you will find immense happiness in the process, but somehow you are thinking of certain emotional relationships which are not giving you any great advantage and you are getting depressed as a result.
Day special – Emotions have to be handled on the emotional front and career and finances have to be handled on a different plain where practical approach is required. These are two different things for which you cannot mix them up in any manner. You have the advantage on your side because your positive views can help you and support you immensely, that is the advantage which you carry and that is how you will be benefited also in the long run.

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