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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Monday 13 June 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Very lucky period for you because you are trying to understand others and in the bargain you are getting the advantages also in many ways.
Day special – Financial prosperity is indicated but lot of financial planning is also required, your savings are supporting you to fulfill whatever your wish to do and your needs are being met.

Vrishabh – Outflows and expenses are uncontrolled and that is where your problems lie, it is a different question that you will be able to arrange funds the way you want but carefulness is still needed.
Do – Sudden obstacles may be there which you will have to control, for that reason you must understand that keeping a peaceful mind will be very helpful as getting into issues and problems is going to harm you only.
Don’t – Don’t at the same time forget that health is important and carelessness is to be avoided, you must maintain a disciplined lifestyle which is very important.

Mithun – Financial prosperity is intact because the gains from your work are very well indicted, so much so that your partners and well-wishers are supportive towards you more than anything else.
Day special – In personal relationships there are issues which you will have to address, if you are too forceful to fulfill your desires then there can be related misunderstandings as well.

Karka – Generally lucky period in which your career will be on the right track, for that reason you must make yourself very able and competitive so that you come out as a winner.
Do – Gains from home, family and property are also indicated in a big way, but routine kind of expenses and outflows are still bothering you which needs very careful handling.
Don’t – Don’t forget that connecting with your own loved ones is going to be very important, for that reason you must remove the doubts or apprehensions which you carry on your mind and which are not required.

Simha – Relationships are important to you and you are wanting to take them forward in a determined manner, but you must understand that there are hidden issues from your own loved ones whom you will have to convince.
Day special – Still it is a favorable period in many ways in which circumstances will start helping you and supporting you, your positive efforts will definitely give you good results for which you are yourself motivated.

Kanya – Peace in home and family is required to be maintained, there can be issues which crop up suddenly which may disturb that peace and create problems.
Do – You will have to stay focused in a manner that you convey your honest thoughts, that in turn will help you to project your goodness and to achieve that goodness in return.
Don’t – Don’t also forget that work related advantage can be achieved by your constant hard work and that is indicated so well that all other things can actually be handled with that goodness in place.

Tula – Despite your efforts there are some lingering issues in personal life which keep on bothering you, for that reason some differences with elders or people who are important may crop up.
Day special – The reason is clear to understand, you are not being mild in your thinking and that is why these problems are appearing, you have to therefore understand the virtues of humility which will help you enormously.

Vrishchik – Generally favorable and profitable period in many ways, your knowledge is likely to help you and your involvement is going to benefit you, but there are deficiencies also which you will have to understand.
Do – You have to avoid being directionless at this stage, there are many forces which are diverting your mind which is not right.
Don’t – Don’t also forget that taking unnecessary risks at this stage is not going to help you, you will have to therefore maintain lot of peace on your mind and understand the priorities which you have to fix.

Dhanu – You have to focus all your energies to get the happiness from your own loved ones, they can be your elders, your children or your family members who can provide that warmth to you which is essential.
Day special – Overall pattern of financial planning is a must, wastages are indicated side by side for which you have to take care, health is another issue which takes priority.

Makar – Changes, alternatives or change of place may be on your mind, but you are also aware that your work related advantage is immense and you have to take that aspect also into consideration while you take decisions.
Do – Your own knowledge and abilities will have to be upgraded, as such you are very focused towards that and a little bit of involvement can give you higher rewards.
Don’t – Don’t forget that routine issues can still bother you in personal relationships, therefore constant involvement is needed for which you have to remain aware.

Kumbh – Financial angle is very well indicated and you will be benefited, that is further motivating you to work hard and to connect with your own people in a very positive manner.
Day special – Indications of the chart show this period to be strong and beneficial on many counts, overall auspiciousness is intact and you are blessed that the situation is in your control.

Meena – Gains from work are very well indicated and there is no deficiency in that, but your expectation are still higher than what you are achieving and that is why you think that there are too many obstacles around you.
Do – These thoughts also are motivating you and therefore these are positive thoughts which you carry, you can further improve your performance by this motivation which is a remarkable achievement.
Don’t – Don’t forget that psychologically this needs very focused involvement, work related advantage can be further improved if you are able to use your knowledge for furthering your professional gains, and that is where some deficiency is indicated as you are not able to focus on what you are capable of doing.

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