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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday 9 June 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your prosperity is there because you are able to perform, and more than anything else you are able to showcase that performance to others as to what positive you can do.
Day special – Largely it is a situation which will improve your relationships as well, and you want to derive as much happiness by associating with others or for that matter getting into some love relationship also.

Vrishabh – This period is giving you lot of happiness by interacting with others, your own people are supportive and you are able to get that advantage in the process.
Do – People around you may also be a bit forceful or aggressive, that may increase your distance and that is where lot of protection is needed.
Don’t – Don’t also forget that financial prosperity is generally stable, but you will have to maintain that over a period of time and avoid any wastages.

Mithun – You are thinking of changes or even big decisions, for the purpose of your studies you may be keen to travel or go to a far of place as well.
Day special – But there is a risk that your efforts, hard work and performance may get reduced, that is where you will have to show your devotion and your regularity in future as well.

Karka – Financial situation is stable and your friends are likely to help you immensely, as a result you will find lot of happiness in whatever you are trying to do.
Do – By conveying your thoughts properly you will be able to influence others very well, that may include people of importance who can make so much difference in your life.
Don’t – Don’t forget that gains from home or property are also indicated, if you make the right move you will be benefited in this regard as well.

Simha – Professional focus is very well maintained and you have the ability which you are using in the right direction, on top of it overall auspiciousness is intact and God is kind to you.
Day special – But there is a risk that you may be a bit too impulsive in your thoughts and take very forceful decisions, that is where you will have to protect yourself and maintain that stability which is important.

Kanya – Financial angle is very stable although you are not able to retain that goodness the way you should, that is why some wastages are also now building up which are not looking good.
Do – You may be making aggressive decisions which may even lead to differences of opinion, you will have to protect from this and keep your boss happy.
Don’t – Don’t therefore create losses for yourself, also don’t think too much to bring in major changes which can be harmful.

Tula – You are thinking of problems and problems are continuing to bother you, so much so that you may get into sudden upsets even from those who are earlier supporting you.
Day special – Your own rigidness is one of the reasons for all these problems, you will have to therefore maintain this understanding that you cannot make any mistake from your side at this stage.

Vrishchik – You will have to connect with others as much as possible, that is going to help you enormously over a period of time.
Do – In the process you may think that there is some pressure on you or loss on you, but that is a reality which you will have to face if you wish to get the advantage from others.
Don’t – Don’t also forget that your business associates or partners can be helpful to you or supportive to you, but there is a need for you to make your own thinking very mild otherwise this advantage cannot be reaped.

Dhanu – Some amount of stressful situations may continue, that is why a lot needs to be done in terms of your peace and patience also.
Day special – You have to condition your mind and look at the auspiciousness around you, and you will realize that there is overall peace which is very essential, small things may have to be therefore forgotten.

Makar – Relationships are important to you and if there is a linkage of some relationship at your workplace then it can bother you also, you have to therefore understand that there are hidden pressures and hindrances which are continuing side by side.
Do – Make yourself very clear on the fact that life can be complicated also, therefore you will have to protect yourself from getting into those complications from your side.
Don’t – Don’t forget that overall pattern of peace in home and family is indicated, but side by side you are also thinking of major changes which you wish to bring about but you will have to be careful also.

Kumbh – Overall prosperity is indicated in many ways, this is also a highly motivating period for you to connect with others and get the advantage in the process.
Day special – Your associates, your partners and well-wishers are all with you in this journey called life, but you are yourself in that pattern of ups and downs of your thinking which is not as stable as it should be.

Meena – Highly motivating period but there are many obstacles also side by side, there are many factors which you have created in your mind and for which you are yourself responsible.
Do – Largely it is a picture which is generally stable and supportive, if you keep your mind and your thinking mild you will be able to handle this situation also to your advantage.
Don’t – Don’t still ignore your health as that can be a factor which requires care, especially if there is any lack of diagnosis you will have to be all the more careful.

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