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Monday, June 27, 2011

Tuesday 28 June 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You want to study and accumulate as much knowledge as possible, for that your motivation is very high and you can achieve a lot and succeed in this process.
Do – You are also very keen to discuss your matters forcefully and take the guidance from people who are important, your well-wishers are supporting you and helping you in this effort.
Don’t – Don’t at the same time carry any kind of routine issues or pressures on your mind, they are not actually required and therefore you have to keep yourself very peaceful in the process.

Vrishabh – You are connected with your own people so well that you will definitely get the rewards also in the process, so much so that your self confidence is therefore high and you wish to succeed at any cost.
Day special – The best indication shows financial gains and support which you will get adequately, that is the advantage which you will reap in the process.

Mithun – Your efforts can give you the rewards but somehow you are becoming too rigid in your thoughts, that is why you have decided what you wish to do in your mind and there can be upsets on account of that.
Do – If you understand each aspect of life carefully then you will not make mistakes, that is how you have to plan and move forward.
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial loss is possible unless you are careful, you have to therefore show that peace and patience in your mind and accordingly take your decisions.

Karka – You are being a bit too wasteful and your routine kind of decisions are also not helping you, that is why you have to protect yourself at every step at this stage.
Day special – More than anything else you have to understand that savings will have to be protected, especially in matters where day-to-day issues and expenses are concerned you have to handle them with a proper plan on your mind.

Simha – This is an excellent period for financial gains and your focused commitment to be devoted, even towards your friends and well-wishers you are helpful and that will lead to improved relationships.
Do – Your work related situation will remain stable because your efforts are pointed and in the right direction, that is why luck is also favoring you in many ways.
Don’t – Don’t still be too rigid in your thoughts as that can lead to problems for you also, unnecessary changes may not be planned or thought of unless you are sure as to what you are doing is the right thing to do.

Kanya – While everything is moving as per plan you are thinking of many alternatives at the same time, but while doing so you are also depending on luck in such a manner that you are taking a few risks as well.
Day special – Financial angle is beautifully placed and nothing can be better than this, your overall gains of money and prosperity is well indicated and that will make you immensely happy.

Tula – Although you will get good financial inflows you may not be as satisfied, because there are too many thoughts on your mind and you are creating that distress unnecessarily.
Do – Remain peaceful and look at the virtues which you are able to gather, your overall prosperity is indicated and your own self confidence is high.
Don’t – Don’t still risk your money in any venture which can lead to loss, you have to therefore take your decisions in such a manner which may not lead to any upsets in any manner.

Vrishchik – Work related situation may be stressful for various reasons, there may not be any big issue as such but day-to-day problems may be immense.
Day special – You will have to associate with your partners or you may have to delegate your work to reduce your pressure, that is very essential to understand at this stage.

Dhanu – Very lucky period for personal relationships to be happy and stable, even in marital situation, if you are married, you may have peace and everything may be to your advantage.
Do – But there are pressures on your mind which are psychological in nature, you have to therefore keep your mind very stable and not be uneasy in the form of dissatisfactions.
Don’t – Don’t therefore get into stressful situations from your side in any relationship, you have to keep your own peace and then step by step everything will be taken care of.

Makar – Pressurizing period in many ways as there can be hidden upsets and obstacles, while some love relationship may be stable you are not happy because you are thinking of those obstacles only all the time.
Day special – You must take the support which your family is willing to provide, for that reason even your friends and well-wishers are highly positive towards you and guiding you immensely.

Kumbh – Personal life happiness is intact and this is a remarkable situation, you may even want to take some relationship forward to the next level and you will be benefited with that.
Do – There are inherent problems in relationships which are in the form of routine kind of issues, you have to therefore protect them also side by side.
Don’t – Don’t be too rigid in your thoughts as that can lead to misunderstandings, you have to understand the views of others in the process which is essential.

Meena – People of importance will have to be given that importance, especially in home and family you will have to understand this important fact very carefully.
Day special – Your efforts are remarkable and your thinking is positive, that is why you are able to influence others very well and that will improve your relationships also as much as you want.

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