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Monday, June 20, 2011

Tuesday 21 June 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your dissatisfactions about money is getting reflected, and you are thinking of upsets and problems all the time.
Day special – There is need for you to repay what you have borrowed earlier and that thought is very heavy on your mind, but that is a reality which you will have to accept.

Vrishabh – You may not be satisfied with the support which you are getting from others, but if you really come to think you have everyone helping you as much as possible.
Do – Work related situation requires greater input and greater involvement, for that reason you will have to improve your performance and to speak out as to what you wish to say.
Don’t – Don’t at the same time forget that it is your own hard work which can give you the success at this stage, and the circumstances are just well placed for that for which you can get the advantage.

Mithun – Health related issues may bother you and you will have to take care of that, for yourself or for people in home and family you will have to create this care from your side as much as possible.
Day special – It is a mixed period for issues in personal life, your home, family and your involvement with them is remarkable and they are also connecting with you very well, but sudden disturbances can upset you and dissatisfy you at the same time.

Karka – You may not be happy with some love relationship the way it is progressing, but the problem lies with you and your own thinking.
Do – The major thing to remember at this stage is that you will have to remain honest in one relationship, if you have many divergent thoughts on your mind then nothing will be achieved.
Don’t – Don’t therefore have a negative thinking in this respect, your desires or your expectations must be such that they convey your good intensions and your honesty.

Simha – You are getting the help and financial benefits from people around you, but still you are not satisfied with your own people because your expectations are higher.
Day special – When you connect with others your humility must be shown, you must be very mild and very pleasant to others at the same time.

Kanya – Because of small obstacles you may start having doubts about your own performance and abilities, but you must maintain your focus and hard work in life and not stress yourself unnecessarily.
Do – Keeping peace will be very essential, you must remember that obstacles are there for each one of us at every step, but that should not depress you.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that issues, conflicts or misunderstandings may be there in life, but you still need to trust your own hard work.

Tula – You are not happy with your financial position or with your savings, that is why you are risking your money also which is not right.
Day special – Relationships are important but you are not able to hold on to them, your own negativity is creating distance which is not desired.

Vrishchik – You may be connecting with your own people but you are also having lack of trust on your mind which is not good, that is why the situation is not as stable or comfortable as you would like it to be.
Do – You must therefore remove these apprehensions from your mind, you must devotedly understand your own people as that will help.
Don’t – Don’t also forget that your goodness lies in connecting with others, and that should be done on a regular basis.

Dhanu – Expenses or outflows may bother you and may pressurize you, that is why you are not able to be comfortable in the present set of circumstances.
Day special – keeping a very practical viewpoint will help, you must also take care while travelling as carefulness is very essential at this stage.

Makar – You may be comfortable in your finances but not satisfied because or various reasons, your relationships are emerging in such a manner that your needs are increasing.
Do – Generally lucky period and that auspiciousness must be maintained, but there are inherent factors of stress and pressures which you are carrying and which are not looking as good.
Don’t – Don’t therefore let any kind of uneasiness creep into you or bother you, especially if it makes you uneasy or angry you should not speak anything which you must not speak.

Kumbh – Work related situation is not as satisfactory as you would like it to be, there are pressures and there are problems which you will have to face.
Day special – Pressures or finances are there and wastages are also continuing, but there is a blessing also that your own people are supportive and that will help, at least you can draw that strength from others and try to be happy.

Meena – You may blame luck for various things but that is not the right approach, you are yourself creating stress and problems by your own extremes of thinking.
Do – Relationships may not be as strong or happy and you may be getting away from your loved ones, that is why your own thinking needs to be improved.
Don’t – Don’t forget that overall auspiciousness lies in your personal life to be handled carefully, conflicts with people who are important will have to be controlled as that is where the problems lies.

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