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Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday 12 August 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Relationships are on your mind and you are totally devoted towards that, but there are issues which
you are not able to handle and which may lead to conflicts as well.
Do – Matters will have to be addressed in your personal front in home and family, that is where your
solutions lie.
Don’t – Don’t as a result forget that the linkages of differences of opinion are there in your work place as well,
you have to handle many fronts at the same time to resolve them.

Vrishabh – You are very keen to take some property related decisions from your side and your efforts can
prove to be beneficial at this stage.
Day special – Your performance lies in the fact that how much you are able to communicate with others, the
more you connect with others your desires will be accomplished accordingly.

Mithun – Your rewards are directly linked to your efforts and you are highly motivated at this stage, that is
why your benefits will flow inline with your abilities which are abundant.
Do – You must avoid getting too stressed psychologically, and by doing that you are risking your money also
by your decision making.
Don’t – Don’t therefore let these factors grow in any manner, you have to protect your situation at every step.

Karka – Financial prosperity is very well indicated and your savings are also growing, as a result your
advantages will also shape up the way you want.
Day special – This period is highly motivating despite challenges which you are facing, for that reason you
must let your talents support you in your efforts at this stage.

Simha – You are creating wastages for yourself because you are being a bit careless, your expenses are
getting out of control and that is created by you yourself.
Do – Overall pattern of auspiciousness is such that you will be able to manage many things, even on
financial matters you will be able to arrange funds the way you want.
Don’t – Don’t still be too impulsive in your thoughts, that is never desired because that is not going to benefit
you in any manner.

Kanya – Even from situations where you think loss is there you may get the advantage, as a result the
circumstances will come under your grip and will be in your control.
Day special – In personal relationships or in love relationship you want to fulfill your desires, and that is how
you are communicating with others to impose your thoughts on others.

Tula – Your involvement in your work is remarkable and you will be able to accomplish many things at the
same time, but most importantly you will be able to fulfill your financial commitments the way you want.
Do – If your own loved ones are away from you or you have created distance from them then this is need to
bridge that distance, that effort should be made by you at this stage.
Don’t – Don’t also let pressures emerge in family or in some love relationship, all these fronts will have to be
handled simultaneously from your side.

Vrishchik – On work related matters this is a supportive period and beneficial period, because your well-
wishers will come forward to help you as much as you want.
Day special – Rewards from your efforts are indicated and you will be benefited, but the best advantage still
is that luck is favoring you in many ways and alternatives are emerging to be beneficial to you.

Dhanu – This can be a stressful period because you may risk your money unnecessarily, even to the extent
that you may have to be careful in your eating habits from your side.
Do – A very practical and matured approach is needed to handle your situation from your side, and that will
be possible if you address your issues and discuss your matters fruitfully.
Don’t – Don’t still ignore the fact that a lot of peace and patience is required by you at this stage, and that is
quite possible with your maturity and pragmatism.

Makar – Some obstacles are evident in relationships, and despite your wholehearted efforts you may still
have to control those obstacles from your side and remain aware about them.
Day special – You will get the support of others in the form of care and in the form of involvement, but this
is not without those sudden problems which may come up and which will have to be handled, take it as a
challenge and you will be able to accomplish it.

Kumbh – Issues in personal life or in marital life need lot of care, even in home and family you will have to
maintain that peace which is required.
Do – There is need for you to maintain that peace from your side, thinking more than what is required is also
not desired.
Don’t – Don’t therefore create problems for yourself with your own thinking, you have the ability to handle
your affairs and that ability must be used at this stage.

Meena – Personal relationships need wholehearted involvement and efforts, so much so that even if it
requires some extra expenditure you must be willing to do that.
Day special – Relationships are important and those will have to be maintained, but many things are possible
if you maintain a positive framework and work towards those efforts.

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