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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday 9 August 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your motivation lies in the fact that you want to achieve so much more, that is why you are determined to work hard despite all problems.
Day special – There must be a regularity in your efforts which is very essential, you must also condition your mind in such a manner that you remain peaceful and not get disturbed.

Vrishabh – You are very keen to invest judiciously but you are unsure whether this is the right move, that is why there is some amount of indecision on your mind.
Do – You may be continuing to be uneasy with people around you, that is why whatever you speak will have to be done with lot of care.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own loved ones are very important for you in this moment of decision making, especially in relationships their advice will be very essential.

Mithun – You are very focused to work hard and that is the factor which will help you, but you are still not as happy with your financial position because you think that your requirements are more.
Day special – don’t get into a mode of depression or uneasiness, this period will pass soon and then better financial circumstances will emerge

Karka – Although financial position may be generally stable but your expenses are growing and bothering you, that is where some amount of care is needed from your side.
Do – You are also under lot of pressure for some love relationship, the circumstances are not as well placed and therefore your dissatisfactions are showing.
Don’t – Don’t let this situation get aggravated, your performance will be affected and your work will be under pressure unless you take adequate care right now.

Simha – Financial angle is generally stable although there are too many ups and downs in that, but still rewards are available to you in many ways.
Day special – Your expectations of rewards are higher and that is something which actually bothers you, but these are psychological factors which can be controlled by your side.

Kanya – There are many issues which are creating pressures and problems for you, and that is where your own thinking must be improved to make it more optimistic.
Do – Your decision making has to be well considered and stable, you cannot change your views repeatedly as that will show you in poor light.
Don’t – Don’t forget that work is important and you will have to face those obstacles also in the process, and that is where your carefulness is needed over a period of time.

Tula – Financial inflows are stable and you will be able to fulfill your needs adequately, but you may not be happy with your savings the way you want and that is where your dissatisfaction lies.
Day special – You must not be careless in whatever you discuss because that can be used against you, to avoid those misunderstandings it is very essential to understand this factor.

Vrishchik – Work related situation is the focus point and you want to improve it further, there are many pressures and obstacles in this regard.
Do – You will have to take care from your side so that you do not increase those pressures for yourself, that is why a careful planning is needed which you are not able to achieve.
Don’t – Don’t still feel too depress at the same time, look at the advantage and the blessing which you carry on account of which the situation is favorable and rewarding in many ways.

Dhanu – The situation for you is generally stable without any real problems, and to that extent you must continue to connect with your loved ones peacefully and with care.
Day special – Psychologically do not get away from people in any manner, you must involve with others wholeheartedly as that will help.

Makar – Health related issues can be there which has been a lingering issue, for that very reason there can be pressures on you on the financial front as well.
Do – It is very essential to understand that life has its own ways where pressures will have to be faced, and that must be done in a manner which is not frustrating.
Don’t – Don’t therefore think more than what is required, don’t think about your own people negatively and create dissatisfactions in your mind for others, that is where some protection is needed.

Kumbh – Personal relationships or some love relationship is important to you, you are totally devoted towards that and wish to take it forward.
Day special – But at the same time work is suffering and your efforts are not up to the mark, you must therefore devote time both towards your personal as well as professional life.

Meena – Personal life issues are prominent and continuing to bother you, there are too many ups and downs in many issues on account of which differences of opinion persist.
Do – Especially in home and family you will have to discuss your matters, you will also have to help others at this stage because that is expected out of you.
Don’t – Don’t base your financial decisions on luck as that may not be helpful, you will have to therefore understand the bigger fact that your own conditioning of mind is required where you look at others in a positive frame of mind.

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