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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday 16 August 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are worried for your financial position and financial planning, there are ups and downs in arranging funds but at the same time your outflows or expenses are continuing to be high.
Do – Lot of planning is needed and you can actually take the support of your friends or well wishers, but you will have to keep a lot of patience in that.
Don’t – Don’t get into situations where differences emerge, as such it is a gainful situation and many of your problems will be resolved.
Vrish – Obstacles are indicated in many ways and professional matters need to be handled carefully, there is one method of resolving this upset and that is by showing your abilities and improving your performance.
Day special – Any step towards relationships at your work place can lead to complications, as such you have to protect your job at this stage and not get into difficulty.
Mithun – Gains are indicated very well in a very favorable and lucky manner, and for that reason you are able to motivate your own loved also to connect with you and support you.
Do – Luck is creating those situations where you are drawn towards your well wishers, but from your side you should not let any instability emerge in these thoughts.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your partners will also be helpful toward your success at this stage, favorableness therefore is showing in many ways which will have to be taken advantage off.
Karka – There are many factors connected with your work which needs careful handling, but more than anything else you will have to keep a lot of patience and not complicate your issues by your own thinking.
Day special – You may be worried whether you will be able to arrange funds for your work or not, but generally financial position is stable and supportive and there is nothing to worry, you are unnecessarily stressing yourself in this regard.
Simha – Relationships are supportive and you are able to discuss your matters very well, your financial position is also helping you to resolve many issues to your advantage.
Do – Inherent factors of obstacles will have to be factored in so that you can face sudden obstacles, that is where carefulness and planning is helpful based on astrological guidance.
Don’t – Don’t let stressful situations spoil the goodness of this period, and those may be there because you are not able to control your forceful expressions towards others.
Kanya – Upsets in personal life can there because you are stressed and worried, that is why you are thinking of problems all the time and creating those problems in your mind.
Day special – Relationships need to be protected because the circumstances are not very well placed, and in the process you should not get away from your own people in any manner as that can be further damaging.
Tula – Your efforts can be there but your pressures are also shaping up side by side, that is why you will have to associate with your loved ones and understand your views.
Do – But some how you are not able to create that situation and distance is getting created with others, this is not the right situation because this may create unnecessary troubles as well as conflicts.
Don’t – Don’t forget that carefulness may be needed to handle out expenses as they are getting out of hand, wastage therefore will have to be protected.
Vrishchik – Psychological conflicts in home and family are indicated which need to be protected, you will have to keep a lot of patience and that is possible only if you appreciate the views of others.
Day special – Gains are generally indicated and there is nothing to worry, for that reason you will have to handle your routine issues on day to day basis with firmness and with regularity so that these minor factors do not bother in any sense.
Dhanu – Relationships are important and this is what you have to understand, your own loved ones your children and your emotional involvement are priority at the moment.
Do – Your motivation lies in the fact that you have the ability and you have the goodness which you carry, even in your day to day efforts and your hard work this positive attitude will help.
Don’t – Don’t therefore let any negativity of your thoughts spoil the stability of your personal life, a little bit of care in this regard will help and will keep your happiness intact.
Makar – You are very keen for investments and for creating assets for your future, and for that reason you can depend on luck and take the right decision also side by side also.
Day special – Generally this is a period which may show changes, travels or change of place as well, but this entire pattern is bringing you closer to your loved ones and this is important.
Kumbh – Financial angle is generally favorable and you are blessed, also this is a period in which you are trying to further improve this situation with your involvement and with your hard work.
Do – Your performance can improve as a result of your motivation, and that must be maintained with regularity as there are too many ups and downs in that.
Don’t – Don’t forget that relationships in personal life are to be cared for, there are issues and conflicts in personal life which are not looking as comfortable and therefore differences of opinion will have to be avoided.
Meena – Gains from work are indicated although you are still careless, this carelessness can lead to unnecessary pressures of outflows and looses which need to be protected.
Day special – Largely this is a situation where you will have to take care of your loved ones, there can be minor issues of day to day nature which may persist but you will have to still keep your patience and not complicate the issue from your side.

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