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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wednesday 17 August 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are worried about problems in job and loss of money, as a result your mind is not at peace and there is lot of unrest which you are going through.
Day special – These constant thoughts of pressures and worries are not going to solve your problems, you will have to protect yourself from unnecessary differences or conflicts which you are going through, in personal life as well as in professional life this carefulness is needed.

Vrishabh – You have the ability and you have the rewards as a result of that ability, you are also able to work effectively towards your goals and fulfill your dreams.
Do – But somehow you are not able to plan your finances as there is lot of pressure on that, you may call them essential expenses but still they are there.
Don’t – Don’t therefore move in any unplanned manner, indirectly it will effect your savings and that is not required.

Mithun – Home is important to you and you will get the gains and rewards from your own people, but you must avoid getting into arguments with people who are important and that includes your boss as well.
Day special – Gains from work are indicated and you are devoted towards your work, for that reason you will realize that there are some upsets in personal life as you are not able to devote as much time, but that is where some care is needed.

Karka – This is a motivating period for you and you are able to make greater efforts to communicate with others, that will give you the auspiciousness the way you want and personal life happiness will be ensured.
Do – But this period indirectly suggests that your abilities are not up to the mark, you will have to increase your knowledge and use that adequately in your work if you want to get the best rewards.
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial prosperity is intact but you cannot let it go waste, that is why wasteful expenses will have to be curtailed.

Simha – Gains are indicated and financial prosperity is something which you want desperately, but you are worried because you are not able to save as much as you desire.
Day special – Your routine kind of pressures are inbuilt and your expenses are uncontrolled, as a result you are yourself creating those pressures from your side and you have to blame yourself for that.

Kanya – You are thinking about yourself and there is nothing wrong in that, but while doing so you will have to also care for others and only then you will be able to protect yourself from unnecessary upsets.
Do – In personal life, in home and family there can be issues and there can be pressures, but that can be resolved if you connect with others and take care of others.
Don’t – Don’t forget that some love relationship is heavy on your mind, you have to think very rationally and create that stability of your thoughts in the process, ups and downs of your thinking is not going to help.

Tula – Weak period as there are many issues involved, health is one factor which needs care and you are not giving due importance to it.
Day special – Differences in personal life are there and pressures in workplace are also there, you are constantly thinking about change and the change may not be as comfortable.

Vrishchik – Gains are indicated because you have the ability and you want to covert that to your advantage, but somehow someone may accuse you that your abilities are not backed by adequate knowledge and skills, that is where the weakness is indicated.
Do – You have to address these issues and remove these weaknesses, only then you will be able to get the best advantage in terms of financial prosperity.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that work is stable and there is nothing really to worry, some ups and downs are there but that is a reality which you will have to accept from your side.

Dhanu – You are able to connect with your own people and you are able to get the rewards also in the process, communication is important and your positive outlook is important.
Day special – Emotional angle in home and family is very stable and vibrant, you will be able to get that happiness adequately the way you want and that will keep your loved ones happy also side by side.

Makar – You may be depending on luck for many issues, even in the way you wish to carry your personal life forward you are ignoring many things side by side.
Do – Connect with your own people in a manner that you are able to take care of them, by carrying conflicting thoughts in your mind you are creating more of stress which is not desirable.
Don’t – Don’t forget that there are circumstances for changes and change of place for you, that can be in the form of movement or transfer or even some travels which you may have on your mind.

Kumbh – Pressures are there because expenses are uncontrolled, as a result you may be dependant on your savings largely.
Day special – Health needs care and your carefulness is needed in your eating and drinking habits as well, you have to therefore plan your life and make it disciplined.

Meena – You have the ability to understand the views of others, that is why you are able to influence others and win the hearts of others.
Do – You also have the ability to communicate effectively and convey your thoughts, that will bring the happiness in your personal life as well.
Don’t – Don’t forget that gains from work are adequate and relationships are becoming vibrant, all these factors will have to be taken forward in this very manner and in a positive way.

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