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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Monday 15th August 2011, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – On financial matters you will have to learn to have satisfaction on your mind, otherwise you will create distress and create obstacles unnecessarily.
Day special – Creating peace and harmony on your mind is very essential, that is how you can draw happiness in life. As such the forces are suggestive of happiness from your own people.
Vrish – You may not be satisfied with your partners and that stress is showing, even in work place or in involvement this is not going to help.
Do – What ever be the situation you can not let your professional circumstances get reduced, if you have to perform then that is your prime motive and responsibility.
Don’t – Don’t get into discussions and arguments and don’t loose your temper, even if you are unhappy you can not let further loss come to you as a result of these forces.
Mithun – Health related factors may be bothering you and that is something which needs care, but the positive aspect is that you will be able to resolve those matters and even arrange funds if needed.
Day special – Over all pattern of auspiciousness is intact and there is ample amount of protection available, a little bit of positive mind set will actually help you to overcome these pressures which you are carrying at the moment.
Karka - Relationships are on your mind and you are not happy with that, in fact you are dejected and depressed that some love relationship is not moving as per your plan.
Do – By making yourself disheartened you are not going to gain anything, you will have to understand the practical reality behind this and face those facts.
Don’t – Don’t also spoil your communication with others as a result of this pressure, if you discuss your matters peacefully then you can create a greater impact and influence others.
Simha – Pressures and problems in home and family may depress you, as a result you may be in a conflicting mood in which dissatisfactions and comfits may arise.
Day special – Connect with others as much as possible, try to understand the views which others have, that can be the only way to handle this situation.
Kanya – Frustrations are there on your mind which has many reasons, on financial matters and as well as on your performance there are deficiencies which you perceive that they are there.
Do – Actually the situation is not as bad as you are thinking, but financial planning is something which will have to be done over a period of time constantly.
Don’t – Don’t forget that people around you have a very critical way of looking at you, even your deficiencies may get highlighted as a result and you will have to be careful.
Tula – You are not happy with your savings and that is the reason that you may speak something which is not desired, that may further create distance and pressures on you in some love relationship also.
Day special – Largely this is a period which should be used and utilized for furthering your education, and if you are able to accomplish that then eventually your future will be made, even if you have to go away from your loved ones you should not hesitate to do so.
Vrishchik - You may not be happy with your personal life and with your own people, that is where the pressures may show on you and you may be depressed.
Do – This is a gainful period generally and there is no deficiency on that, psychological angle therefore needs to be handled with peace and patience as that will help.
Don’t – Don’t let a situation emerge where you start having lack of trust for yourself, you must keep a positive mind set as that is going to help you at this stage.
Dhanu – Stress and pressures may be there and wastages may be there, but there are certain essential things which in which have to be faced in life, and for that your constant effort and involvement will help.
Day special – This period is helping you to learn and to learn through experiences, that will make you eventually a matured person and that is exactly what these indications suggest.
Makar – Financial angle is such that you are thinking negatively about that, if there is need for that planning which must be done than it is your own deficiency that you are not doing it.
Do - Plan well and think with pragmatism, and you will realize that many things are stable and supportive for you and there is no real reason for you to worry.
Don’t – Don’t also ignore the fact that there has to be some amount of discipline in you day to day habits, that is where some deficiency is showing and you will have to be careful.
Kumbh – Your dissatisfactions about work are indicated and that is why your performance needed, you have the abilty and you can use it your advantage.
Day special – There is some amount of irregularity which you are indulging in, you have to perform on regular basis and show what you can actually accomplish.
Meena –You may be inclined to blame luck for what ever is happening especially in personal life there can be pressures of routine nature which you are not able to handle.
Do – You are being too impulsive and that factor is showing in personal relationships also, that is why are going away from your own people which is not desired.
Don’t – Don’t think that everything is wrong, don’t therefore have a negative mindset and blame your luck for everything, that is not how you can proceed at this stage of life.

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