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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Friday 26 August 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are thinking about yourself and wish to do a lot for yourself, as a result you are highly focused to make those efforts from your side.
Do – Your thoughts for your loved ones are erratic, these ups and downs are not showing the focus which is required.
Don’t – Don’t therefore unnecessarily get into small issues of trivial nature, minor issues will have to be forgotten so that they do not convert into bigger conflicts.

Vrishabh – Circumstances may make you become extravagant and lose money, for that reason you will have to protect your money adequately and not let it get wasted.
Day special – Relationships can be motivating for you but you will have to devote time and effort towards that, you will have to speak to others and not lose your temper in the process.

Mithun – Gains from work are available and your partners are supportive, for that reason financial angle is well placed and your prosperity is indicated.
Do – Largely this is a situation which is likely to give you the advantage and benefits enormously, even the gains and happiness from your loved ones is indicated very well.
Don’t – Don’t forget that heath needs to be taken care, even if there are minor issues or where there is lack of understanding you will have to take another opinion.

Karka – It is a lucky situation for your professional work or your career, but you are taking some risks which are not looking very good.
Day special – Any drastic changes or drastic alternatives should be avoided, you will have to understand each step forward and take care from your side.

Simha – Relationships are important and they are moving forward the way you want, for that reason you are trying to take your obstacles also in your positive stride.
Do – Your self confidence is working a bit negatively, it is making you wasteful and unplanned in your financial decisions.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that work related advantage is with you, the more you involve the more you will be benefited, for that reason there is ample protection.

Kanya – Sudden upsets and obstacles in personal life are indicated, for that reason you may not be as happy with your work situation also because there are upsets in that as well.
Day special – Work related rewards may be there but there is lot of instability in that, as a result the problems are looking bigger and your outflows are uncontrolled.

Tula – Minor issues in personal life may become complicated for which you will have to take care, also you need to understand that work requires your involvement on a regular basis.
Do – You may be inclined to make certain changes or take certain decisions, but your instability of thinking may take you one step forward and two steps backward, that is where the problem lies.
Don’t – Don’t at the same time forget that wastages can be there which will have to be avoided, if you resolve your differences then those wastages can also be controlled side by side.

Vrishchik – There may be problems and there may be issues which will have to be understood, whether in relationships or in the factors where misunderstandings may crop up.
Day special – Psychologically you need to be at peace as you cannot complicate your thinking unnecessarily, that is where your entire problem lies. Psychologically you have to be at peace and understand the strength of your work, and that is where your focus should remain at the moment.

Dhanu – Relationships are important to you and your own people are caring towards you, this is the factor on account of which you can be benefited and you can be happy with your surroundings.
Do – This is a stable period in many ways and many minor issues have been controlled to your satisfaction, that is the blessing with which this period is placed.
Don’t – Don’t forget that psychologically you may have to be at peace, you have to understand your own people around you and try to appreciate their viewpoint as well.

Makar – Any changes or travels may be on your mind and that point may stress you a little, even for that matter your financial angle may be stressful because your planning may go wrong.
Day special – Minor issues will have to be addressed more peacefully and those may include your personal life problems, for that matter your partners or associates also may be a cause for concern or conflicts on your mind.

Kumbh – This period can motivate you to look at your goals and your aspirations in life, and for that reason you will have to really involve to upgrade your knowledge as well as your performance.
Do – There is a deficiency in what you are doing and that is why this indication is coming, if there are weaknesses from your side then they must be addressed.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you have the ability and you can transform that ability into your success, but for that you will have to involve on daily basis which is very essential.

Meena – Gains are indicated in a big way and that is your strength, you are able to speak well and convey to others your goodness which is a remarkable thought.
Day special – Connecting with your own loved ones is going to give you the benefits and happiness, for that reason your overall pattern of relationships can become vibrant, enjoy the good moment and be thankful to God.

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