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Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday 22 August 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – In relationships you have certain doubts or apprehensions on account of which you are worried, there is no deficiency in your thought or in your honesty of relationships, but still you are worried.
Do – You will have to be careful in what you tell to others, that may be misunderstood or may lead to unnecessary pressures.
Don’t – Don’t think that someone is trying to cheat you, you have to trust others and relationships are based on trust.

Vrishabh – Your home and family is important to you and you are devoted towards that, and on account of that you want to help others from your side fully and wholeheartedly.
Day special – You want to do so much more for others, but sometime you feel whether you can accomplish all that or not, this is a kind of self-worry or self-pity which you carry for yourself.

Mithun – Your efforts are remarkable and your hard work will eventually give you success, but you are being a bit too firm or rigid in your thoughts which is not really required.
Do – You are being too firm in your views and as a result you may even create loss for yourself, that is where the problem is and that is how you have to protect yourself.
Don’t – Don’t be too pushy in fulfilling your desires in some relationship, for that reason don’t try to cheat anyone from your side.

Karka – Financial angle is very well placed and you will be benefited as a result, gain of money is indicated and as a result your savings will also grow and that will make you happy.
Day special – You also carry certain pressures on you on account of financial planning, because your expenses are high and uncontrolled you are not able to plan properly on account of that reason.

Simha – This is a period which may give you excellent self confidence in whatever you are trying to do, as a result your involvement in your work will be remarkable and you will be benefited with that.
Do – This is a period to involve fully and wholeheartedly, as a result your efforts will be strong and your rewards will also improve.
Don’t – Don’t still let your gains get wasted because you are careless, don’t also become too rigid in your thoughts or decisions connected with your professional career.

Kanya – You may be planning for big changes and big decisions, you may also be thinking of certain investments which may prove to be risky in the process.
Day special – Lot of careful planning is needed and you cannot trust anyone blindly, you will have to therefore be careful in whatever step you are taking at this moment.

Tula – Financial gains are on your mind and you are even looking at sudden gains and profits from various process, and overall auspiciousness is generally available to you in many ways.
Do – You are stressed and worried from the fear of unknown, that is why there are pressures on you which include professional pressures and issues.
Don’t – Don’t therefore take any risky decision connected with money under these forces of pressures, you have to therefore take your decision with stability and pragmatism which is required.

Vrishchik – Work related advantage is immense and you are going to be benefited with that, your partners or associates will also consider you and your abilities and your image will improve.
Day special – You may not be able to trust others fully as much as it is desired, that is why the circumstances of luck which are knocking at your door may not be fully used or realized by you the way it should be done.

Dhanu – Luck may help you and favor you immensely, and financial angle may also remain stable for you as per your desires.
Do – You may still be a bit apprehensive about your health, but there is nothing to worry because the overall pattern of protection is available to you.
Don’t – Don’t enter into financial dealings without careful deliberation, if you are not convinced then don’t get into any financial dealing from your side.

Makar – Upsets and obstacles are evident in this period, whether in relationships or in professional work there can be problems which you may have to face.
Day special – Even in relationships you cannot trust others fully, you must therefore understand that carrying a forceful viewpoint is not always advantageous, you have to consider all aspects connected with a particular thought.

Kumbh – Your supporters and well-wishers may help you and guide you immensely, for that reason personal life happiness is ensured and that will be a satisfying situation for you.
Do – Largely it is a situation where you have to trust others and connect with others, carrying any kind of lack of trust is not going to give you the advantages which are available to you.
Don’t – Don’t also let any psychological issues crop up in your personal life, you will have to therefore ignore many things of trivial nature which may crop up unnecessarily.

Meena – Health related issues may be there on your mind, sudden obstacles in that regard may also be there for which you have to be careful.
Day special – Relationships will have to be cared for and differences will have to be avoided, especially if some love relationship has ups and downs you will have to be all the more careful.

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