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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday 7 April 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Although relationships are such that you are devoted towards them but you feel that there are too many obstacles, these are the ups and downs of your own thinking on account of which there is lack of trust and lack of stability.
Do – You will have to condition your mind to make it more positive, you have to trust your own abilities and your own honesty.
Don’t – Don't forget that any kind of conflict with anyone at this stage may lead to harm only, especially in relationships it can be very painful.

Vrishabh – Change of place may be there on your mind but you are not able to decide, you want to come closer to your loved ones and that is the worry on your mind.
Do – Whatever you are trying to do in home and family can be beneficial, but you will have to maintain lot of regularity in your efforts.
Don’t – Don't forget that some love relationship may not work out the way you expect, and for that reason you will have to understand the deficiencies of the present running period.

Mithun – Out of your uneasiness and frustrations you will find some motivation, and as a result you want to work hard to make your career strong.
Do – Health related patterns will also have to be understood as there can be deficiencies in that, especially if there is lack of diagnosis or lack of clarity then lot of things need to be understood.
Don’t – Don't forget that your efforts can actually bring good rewards, but there is some amount of lethargy which you carry and that is not good.

Karka – Excellent period as the goodness of this period can bring you gains, rewards, and appreciation, for that reason you must remain focused in whatever you are doing.
Do – As far as your own efforts are concerned they are not up to the mark, there is lot of scope for improvement in that although the circumstances are helping you immensely.
Don’t – Don't forget that anything to do with major changes may not be advisable, similarly in handling your money any expense or hasty decision is not advisable.

Simha – Professional angle is very beautifully placed although financial situation may not be as strong, that is why you are thinking about money only and getting stressed that your savings are not enough.
Do – Luck is helping you and favoring you immensely, you have the ability but you are not able to use it properly.
Don’t – Don’t put your money in any kind of further risk because it can lead to problems, and for that reason lot of carefulness is needed on day-to-day basis.

Kanya – Pressures are there and obstacles are there and they are repeatedly occurring to give you problems.
Do – Financial gains and prosperity is a strong factor of this moment, but whatever you are doing may lead to pressures also especially in work there can be deficiencies.
Don’t – Don’t have any lack of trust for your own abilities as that is where the problem lies, you are not able appreciate your own goodness and the ability to work hard which you have.

Tula – You are thinking of money but in a slightly frustrated manner, and that is why your outflows are getting out of hand and not giving you any real advantage.
Do – Financial planning is such that you are lacking in that, and that is why your decisions are also not up to the mark.
Don’t – Don’t therefore think of any major changes especially with regard to your career, otherwise you may land yourself in difficulties without any reason.

Vrishchik – You are trying to involve in your work but getting into differences of opinion as well, that is why there is a factor of irregular effort from your side which is not looking good.
Do – Financial angle is not as well placed as it should be, and that is why a lot of peace is to be maintained for a while from your side.
Don’t – Don’t put your money into any kind of venture which may prove to be risky, don’t therefore attempt anything which seems very good from a distance but may not be as good at the moment.

Dhanu – Overall pattern of auspiciousness is available to you in relationships, but distance is one factor which can prove to be a negative influence also in relationships.
Do – You must understand the importance of work, and that is where the problem actually lies, you have to devote yourself pointedly in that direction.
Don’t – Don’t for that reason depend too much on others as they have no role to play, you will have to make yourself strong and stable from your side only.

Makar – Stressful period as the circumstances are not as well placed, whether for money or for relationships in personal life there can be pressures which you may have to face.
Do – Luck is not helping you and health factors are also not supporting you, and that is where the real problem lies which requires lot of care.
Don’t – Don't forget that someone may be very caring towards you in a very hidden manner, and you are not trying to appreciate that goodness which someone has for you.

Kumbh – Your efforts can be very rewarding but a little unstable, you will have to connect with others and support others in the process to get the best rewards.
Do – Psychologically you may have to be more optimistic to get the best results, and that is why lot of peace in personal life is definitely required.
Don’t – Don't forget that relationships may not be as strong at the moment, and if there are disagreements with others then you have to be all the more careful.

Meena – Whatever you speak may not be appreciated by others, and that is why some misunderstandings may also crop up at this stage.
Do – You will have to understand that people are supportive towards you in a very strange manner, you may not be able to appreciate what it means but there are deficiencies also which are not making you happy.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that this is a difficulty period which you will have to handle, especially with people who are important you will have to be all the more careful.

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