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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wednesday 11 April 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – There are pressures and problems for you which are understandable, especially where you are not able to perform fully they are bound to be upsets.
Do – Misunderstandings are also there at the moment which can depress you, and to that extent people who are important may not help you or support you at this stage.
Don’t – Don't forget that if you are a student this can be a dangerous situation, because your studies can suffer immensely as a result of your nonperformance.

Vrishabh – Your savings are not adequate and your inflows are getting wasted as a result of your lack of planning, that is where the problems lies.
Do – You have to understand your own abilities, that is where you are going wrong and getting stressed.
Don’t – Don't forget that your loved ones in home and family can be supportive towards you and guide you, don’t therefore underestimate the situation from your side which can actually protect you.

Mithun – Work related situation is such that it requires greater involvement, from your side you are deficient in many ways and that is where the problem lies.
Do – You will have to understand that discussions will have to be undertaken to safeguard the situation, and for that reason you will have to do those discussions very peacefully so that it does not lead to misunderstandings.
Don’t – Don't forget that despite all these problems there is that factor of ability in you which can safeguard you, and that must be remembered to get the rewards.

Karka – Travels, changes, or big decisions may not be lucrative, and for that reason putting your money into any kind of venture at this stage may not be advantageous.
Do – You will have to understand that there are deficiencies from your side only which need to be corrected, and for that reason this period is not suitable and helpful.
Don’t – Don't forget that personal relationships may show lots of ups and downs, and the situation may not be as helpful to you to carry some relationship forward.

Simha – Financial angle is weak and therefore you cannot take any risks, in fact your own mistakes are showing at this moment which must be avoided.
Do – Home and family can be supportive towards you but the best indication is to involve in your work, and that motivation must remain intact.
Don’t – Don’t put your money into any kind of venture which may prove to be difficult, your money must not get stuck in the process and that is very essential to understand.

Kanya – Personal life issues are such that there are complications, your work situation is not also as strong as it should be.
Do – Any changes which you may have on your mind with regard to work can be very dangerous, you have to therefore maintain peace and maintain stability from your side.
Don’t – Don't forget that upsets are there and obstacles are also there, and for that reason you have to protect yourself from the wastages or losses which are getting built.

Tula – Health related issues can be there which you are not understanding, you are therefore making mistakes in ignoring these factors from your side.
Do – You will have to clarify your doubts by discussing your matters, and that will have to be done with peace and patience so that you understand the whole situation.
Don’t – Don't forget that luck may only play a limited role at this stage, your own positive involvement is very essential to make your life more stable.

Vrishchik – Some love relationship may not be as strong or as supportive, therefore it is very essential to stick to your goodness and depend on your own people.
Do – your pressures on finances are real and hence avoid any kind of risk, especially if it is directed to please others
Don’t – Don’t ignore the fact that there can be reasons on your mind which lead to depression, and those are dependant on your higher expectations which you carry on your mind, don’t let that negativity overpower you.

Dhanu – You may be inclined to create loss for yourself unnecessarily, that is why a lot of peace is required for a while and for the days to come.
Do – Carrying any kind of risk can lead to problems, and especially where you think that you have the ability to handle everything you may even go wrong.
Don’t – Don’t also depend on the strength of your money to handle your circumstances, money cannot do everything and that is where the problem lies.

Makar – Situation is strangely such that you are not able to show your performance, you have the ability but you are not able to use it in terms of your efforts or hard work.
Do – You must understand the obstacles behind this, and one of that is your own mindset which is becoming highly negative.
Don’t – Don't forget that your knowledge is your strength, and on top of it your work situation can be highly beneficial with only a little bit of effort which you make from your side.

Kumbh – Work related dissatisfactions are very heavy on your mind, and for that reason the rewards which are there are not making you any happy either.
Do – Connect with others and associate with others, try to get the help of others as much as possible.
Don’t – Don’t loose interest in whatever you are doing, even in your studies that interest has to be created so that you get the best rewards.

Meena – Personal life issues are weak and complicating, you are not happy because the patterns are also leading to misunderstandings also.
Do – People who are important will have to be given their importance, otherwise this is a situation of disagreements which are getting built.
Don’t – Don’t therefore think that luck is going to safeguard everything which you are trying to do, you will have to do a lot from your side and therefore your own hard work will be beneficial, despite obstacles those positive steps taken from your side will be advantageous.

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