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Monday, April 16, 2012

Tuesday 17 April 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are not happy with your friends or well wishers, your friends may be too demanding and unfair while your well wishers may be too strong and overpowering.
Do – But you will have to condition your mind to remain peaceful, if you create differences with others then it will lead to your own loss.
Don’t – Don’t show your dissatisfactions in any manner, especially in showing your thoughts in any aggressive manner you will be in problem.

Vrish – People around you re generally helpful and supportive, but your expectations may be high and you may to be satisfied with that goodness.
Do – That is why there are possibly disagreements which are continuing, you are not able to appreciate the other persons point of view.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that the problem does not lie with others, actually the problem lies with your own thinking which is becoming a bit negative.

Mithun – If you have any health related issues then you have to be all the more careful, even in matters of financial dealings you will have to show a lot of restraint.
Do – Some love relationship is on your mind and you want to achieve what you wish to achieve, but there are lots of ups and downs which may show even obstacles.
Don’t – Don’t therefore expect that everything is alright, don’t also ignore your health if there are issues connected with it.

Karka – Relationships in general can be stressful, on top of that whatever you are thinking is also not giving you any great happiness.
Do – What ever you are trying to discuss is also not going to help, therefore there are some problems in relationships which will have to be faced.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you are yourself responsible of these extremes of thinking, that is why lot of peace is required form your side otherwise you can go wrong.

Simha – Personal life issues are stressful and complicated, people will be supportive towards you but you are not able to appreciate that goodness.
Do – This period may still be motivating in its own way, but the direction which it takes must be connected with your work only.
Don’t – Don’t be too hasty or impulsive in whatever decisions you are trying to take, don’t therefore let your money get into problems or complications.

Kanya – Your efforts are not pointed and you are becoming a bit too wasteful , that is why you are getting into conflicts and problems which can complicate the matters further.
Do – Peace may be required in communicating with others, anything done in a harsh manner can be problematic.
Don’t – Don’t forget that if you have taken loan than that money has to be repaid, and that essential requirement must be met a this stage.

Tula – You may not be happy with your savings although your financial inflows are stable, but your expectations connected with your savings are made up in your mind.
Do – Relationships can be stable and strong and happy, but you are becoming a bit too rigid from your side which can complicate the matters.
Don’t –Don’t therefore ignore the goodness of your personal life which is shaping up, you can actually benefit from these forces the way they are placed.

Vrishchik - You are not able to trust your own self and your own abilities, you are determined to do a lot but you are not convinced that you are not able to do that.
Do – Personal life issues are getting complicated which is not good, you are getting away from your own people which must be avoided.
Don’t – Don’t still ignore the goodness which is available to you from your loved ones, they are not only caring but helpful to you in many ways.

Dhanu – You are not happy with the circumstances which are shaping up from far off locations, but still you may have to accept certain things as a reality.
Do – Financial gains may be on your mind and they will be adequately met, but you have responsibilities and liabilities to meet and that is a bigger reality.
Don’t – Don’t therefore stress yourself and accept what comes, that is the bigger reality which will have to be undertaken at this stage.

Makar – Your dissatisfactions about money are valid, because you are risking your money unnecessarily and getting into those complications form you side.
Do – There are financial needs which will have to be met, and you will have to arrange those funds form your side.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that you can take the help and guidance from others, that can be a positive factor at this stage which may help you.

Kumbh – Your dissatisfactions about your work are not as valid, the fact that you have to depend on others and your partners is very relevant.
Do – You have to understand that your supporters or your well wishers can be very strong in their views at the moment, even you have to accept that as a reality
Don’t – Don’t therefore be too careless in whatever you are doing, especially in handling your money and your work related relationships you have to be careful.

Meena – You may blame your luck for what ever is happening, but actually it is a creation of you that you are in problems.
Do – Disagreements connected with money are the real problem of this moment, as a result you have created pressures, problems and losses for yourself.
Don’t – Don’t be therefore too wasteful because that is going to complicate your matters, don’t think that whatever you are thinking is right.

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