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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thursday 26 April 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your efforts may not as pointed but you have a desire to do well in life, and that effort can improve your performance adequately.
Do – Your mind gets diverted very fast, and that is the reason that you are thinking of so many things at the same time, that is not right. Don’t –
Don’t for that reason think that conflicts can bring you any advantage, on the contrary conflicts can lead to greater harm to you which you are not realizing.

Vrish – You may be thinking of some investment but you have to take very careful decisions, your finances may also not be adequate to take up that kind of thought.
Do – In whatever you are trying to do there can be hindrances as well, everything may seem to be perfect but you have to understand those obstacles also.
Don’t – Don’t forget that for all these reasons money will have to be protected, getting into any issues or conflicts from your side is not going to help.

 Mithun – You may be very inclined to work hard to achieve your goals, and to that extent the positive factor of this period gets reflected abundantly.
Do – Rewards from your efforts are adequately placed, and for that reason you will get excellent support from others also in all your efforts, that is what you have to accomplish.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the fact that work needs to be improved, your own involvement can improve only if you create interest in whatever you are doing.

 Karka – You are thinking of financial prosperity and as a result your focus is also improving, but psychologically there is lot more which is desired from your side.
Do – You may be depending on luck and luck may be generally supportive, but this kind of dependence is never good as it leads to lesser efforts from your side.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that the overall pattern of rewards which you are getting is adequately placed, for that reason your financial position is generally supportive at the moment.

Simha – This is a period of auspiciousness in many ways, especially on matters connected with your overall involvement you can be benefitted.
Do – You will have to protect your finances as in any impulsive decision can lead to problems, and on top of it your commitments and your expenses are generally high.
Don’t – Don’t therefore risk your situation in any manner, you positive attitude is going to take care of many things in a very nice manner.

Kanya – You may be thinking of changes and you may be trying to resolve those problems, but you must understand that there are actually problems which are not looking as good.
Do – Work related situation is weak and requires financial input, so much so that you may be depending on others and that dependence is also not working adequately.
Don’t – Don’t therefore ignore the fact that upsets can be there, and for that reason also you have to condition your mind in a very peaceful manner.

Tula –Financial angle is generally well placed and you are able to achieve a lot, in the process you are able to help others and get that help in return.
Do – Overall pattern of auspiciousness in the form of luck may not be as supportive, but your own positive approach in life is going to give you that advantage abundantly.
Don’t – Don’t forget that decisions taken with any selfish motive can actually go wrong, it can create unnecessary misunderstandings which must be avoided.

Vrishchik – Professional matters are such that which needs care, on top of it you have to condition your mind in a very peaceful manner so that any conflicts are avoided.
Do – Emotional angle is not well placed, you are stressed and worried for whatever is happening and that is not looking good.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your involvement towards work is your priority which must be maintained, personal life issues and relationship angle therefore can be postponed for a while.

Dhanu – Luck is helping you and supporting you, especially in handling your loved ones you have a bigger role to play.
Do – In whatever you do in personal life and in home and family is important, to understand that you have to be fair from your side towards your loved ones and not carry any extremes of thoughts.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that some amount of stress is evident, and for that also lot of carefulness is required in the form of peace and patience.

Makar – You may be risking the stability of your personal life unnecessarily, and for that reason you should not take any drastic decision with your money also.
Do – Issues connected with health needs care, as that is a weak area which requires proper investigation or treatment.
Don’t – Don’t forget that personal life issues take a priority, and for that reason you may have to listen to others and take their advice as that is important.

Kumbh – Overall pattern of relationships may not be as strong, but the priority of this period reflects that you have to improve your knowledge and skills which is also rather weak.
Do – Work is important and your involvement in that is to be increased, and for that reason you have to condition your mind accordingly.
Don’t – Don’t forget that all this can be accomplished if you plan accordingly and if you execute those plans accordingly, but you must not be unfair to others in whatever you speak.

Meena – Financial angle is such that you may have to fulfill your commitments, if you have taken some loans then that can be repaid also.
Do – Personal life issues are not well placed and there are deficiencies in that, from your side you are trying to resolve those issues but these deficiencies may still remain.
Don’t – Don’t therefore ignore the fact that some love relationship may be there on your mind, but this period is not suitable to push any thought forward as the period is not supportive at all.

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