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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sunday 22 April 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – Period of happiness and prosperity, relationships are supportive and vibrant and luck is with you. Do – You have to take the help and guidance from others, the period is supportive in many ways to provide that goodness. Don’t – Don’t still forget that your efforts should not go waste in any manner, because this is a period which shows certain wastages from your side which must be controlled.

Vrish – A period of immense self confidence which must give you the advantage, but somehow your thinking is full of ups and downs which is not looking good. Do – If you are trying to plan for some changes or change of place then this must be avoided, and accordingly you have to safeguard your financial position also, take care of the differences as well as your health, especially if you are becoming too careless from your side this needs to be moderated. Don’t – Don’t therefore plan for any travels or changes drastically at this stage, even if you are thinking that everything is perfectly placed it may not be so.

Mithun – Emotional angle is such that you are becoming too intense in your thoughts, and you have many worries and dissatisfactions also on your mind side by side. Do – This period is highly motivating for you to work hard and to get the best rewards, and to that extent your partners or supporters are also helping you in many ways. Don’t – Don’t forget that relationship angle has mixed up influences of obstacles also, hence carrying intense desires on your mind can also be dangerous.

Karka – Rewards from home and family are indicated and you will be happy with that, but somehow personal life issues can also get complicated because of lack of trust. Do – Work is an area of priority, and for that if funds are required then they have to be arranged. Don’t – Don’t therefore ignore the fact that your involvement must remain very high, and that is the only way to increase your rewards which are in any case getting created.

Simha – Work related situation is strong and stable, on top of it your motivation is high to work towards that and get that advantage. Do – Luck is also favoring you and supporting you, this is therefore a very lucky period in many ways but you have to keep an eye on your finances also. Don’t – Don’t let unnecessary obstacles arise especially with regard to financial decisions, that can be a dangerous situation and needs protection.

Kanya – Luck favors you especially on matters connected with your finances and savings, but unnecessarily risking your money at this stage may not be advantageous. Do – Pressures and obstacles can be there because of your wastages, and indirectly it can become a bigger obstacle if you are careless. Don’t – Don’t forget that you are trying to connect with others with selfish motives on your mind, that is where you have to show your goodness and prove your goodness to others.

Tula – You are being a bit too rigid and making mistakes from your side, but God is kind that you are getting the help from others adequately and that is a big protection. Do – Financial angle therefore is very well placed and there is no problem, but issues connected with personal life will have to be maintained in a very peaceful manner. Don’t – Don’t still take any financial decisions with carelessness, even in moments of uneasiness or dissatisfactions your financial decisions can go wrong.

Vrishchik – Your partners are supportive and kind to you and that is a blessing, but you have psychological conflicts on your mind which are getting complicated. Do – Work related situation may be strong, but it does not mean that you get into differences with others, protect yourself. Don’t – Don’t forget that relationship angle is something which is very poorly placed, and to that extent also you may have to wait for better times to come.

Dhanu – Health related issues for self or family are getting highlighted, even in relationships you will have to avoid getting into any conflicts of aggravated nature form your side. Do – Luck is helping you and favoring you immensely, and that is the strength with which many aspects of this moment are quite under control. Don’t – Don’t show your dissatisfactions as that can lead to pressures and loss, don’t show your impulsiveness or any hastiness in taking your decisions.

Makar –Work related advantage can be there if you use your knowledge perfectly, and you will see that this can be a period of growth or promotion the way you want. Do – Your involvement in work must remain very high, there should not be any instability in the form of ups and downs as that is not desired. Don’t – Don’t forget that personal life issues are not as well placed, there are pressures which are continuing and you will have to take extra care.

Kumbh – There is happiness in personal life and there is no problem as for as your involvement is concerned, luck is also favoring you adequately at the same time. Do – This is also a period off goodness with your partners or associates, and as a result your work related situation can actually improve. Don’t – Don’t forget that financial angel is generally well placed, especially on account of the fact that others are trying to help you.

Meena – Motivation is one aspect of it but it should not lead to problems in any manner, there can be obstacles which must be controlled. Do – You have to be careful in any kind of communication, where everything seems perfect there can still be problems. Don’t – Don’t get into arguments with people who are important, don’t therefore let any situation get out of hand.

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