Corona Virus and it's Astrological perspective - by Jyotishguru Deepak Kapoor

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

18th March 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Your financial position will improve in any way, for some through hard work, for others through loans, even profits form property can be satisfying
Do – you are now moving ahead forcefully in life, even friends can be helpful
Don’t – don’t indulge in any love relationship, it may not work out
Your studies, your skills, your knowledge, all that will be put to use in your career, that will lead to the motivation to achieve, but don’t risk your money
Day special – extremely lucky period, you can make good investments now which will prove to be beneficial in future
Your dependence on luck can led to losses, but financial position is strong, that is why you are taking risks
Do – if you are away from your home then this is the time to return
Don’t – your entire thinking is confused, don’t let that happen
You have lot of self confidence, but it is a weak period, is it a false self confidence or just unfavorable times, judge it yourself
Day special – too much of self confidence makes you rigid, that can lead to your own loss, control pressures of job, change or expenses
Gains from business are ensured and indicated, these are lucky financial inflows
Do – protect your self from confusions and differences with boss
Don’t – don’t have doubts in your life, about your self and about others
Personal and professional differences of opinion can bother you, but your career is very stable, don’t let your uneasiness spoil that goodness
Day special – family and well wishers are very protective, they can protect your in pressures of professional life also
Very lucky period, God is kind that you are getting happy periods one after the other, the most important aspect is your desire to learn more
Do – one friend can give more happiness than many friends who can be untrustworthy
Don’t – don’t have lack of trust in your loved ones
Monetary inflows are stable, but routine family pressures can bother you, generally luck is supportive and that is required by you at this stage
Day special – your career is sully dependent on your knowledge efforts and hard work, and others are watching you on that
Too many confusions connected with your profession relationships and marriage, these have to be controlled
Do – it is psychologically a weak period, make your self strong
Don’t – don’t let financial dissatisfactions spoil your relationships
You may feel happy in your relationships, but there are many hidden tensions and differences, that can lead to stress also
Day special – differences are there because you don’t want to see the other persons point of view, try to change that attitude
You are trying to view your relationships also like a business, that can be unfortunate, but your focus towards business is very practical
Do – health is a concern, but it is a psychologically concern, take care of your health
Don’t – lack of trust can cause differences with spouse, don’t let that happen
Change or travels connected home family or relationships can be there, there can be problems connected with these
Day special – shed these fears anxieties, decisions connected with personal life can be postponed, devote time towards your profession only

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