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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

4th March 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You wish to gain from your studies, but overall influence is very confused, , despite this you are trying well from your side
Do – luck cannot support your studies, but your hard work can lead to luck supporting you
Don’t – don’t think that money can buy you everything, don’t be under that illusion
Your involvement towards is very focused, this effort must be maintained in the coming days also
Day special – any positive focus and effort can move the mountains, for you also enormous success is there is you maintain this effort
You are trying to involve but still some weakness in studies, there are hidden factors which reduce your efforts
Do – have faith in your abilities, you can achieve a lot, coming days will prove that
Don’t – don’t indulge in self created mistakes, before doing anything just think whether that will be of any use or not
Weak period, your efforts or focus is lacking, you are also not preparing well for some interview also, there are weaknesses in that
Day special – don’t try to pose that you know in attempting an interview, that will lead to a real set back to you, it is better to be honest
You have been a bit confused about your studies, but from now your focus will improve, it has been a bit late for that improvement, but I feel that it is never too late, this is not the last exam, life itself is an examination
Do – take care of health protect from needless differences, they must be avoided
Don’t – don’t get into any kind of uneasiness, your studies are stable, don’t be worried for that
Excellent focus towards your studies, even your career is stable and rewarding, overall auspiciousness is ensured
Day special – don’t get into any conflict with your senior or boss, there can be lot of confusions in that
You wish to achieve in a short span of time, but that is not the right attitude, everything takes time, your effort have to be made with patience
Do – family support and help will give you rewards, even in your studies now is the time to focus and achieve
Don’t – don’t be confused or uneasy, now the time has come wherein you efforts will become very focused
Your efforts are directed towards your career, your studies and especially your ability to speak will give you gains
Day special – you a bit confused about your career at this stage, but this confusions will be removed soon
You really wish to work had to improve your studies, this hard will give you success also
Do – shed your confusions now, you have the ability and you will achieve in abundance
Don’t – don’t be too dependent on luck, but luck is as such supportive to you, from your side, you have to give importance to the path of righteousness and hard work in your life
Excellent focus towards profession career studies and overall well being, but protect yourself form the obstacles created by your boss also
Day special – your boss is not satisfied with your performance, don’t argue, other wise you may be given some change, like some kind of transfer or different job role
You will get excellent support from others, this will be in every area of life, but in your studies you may not get any support
Do – shed your fears and anxieties, that is the root cause of all the troubles
Don’t – don’t have any lack of trust, in yourself as also in others, that will harm you only
Your focus is diverted and confused, that will lead to differences or conflicts, if some one is trying to oppose you then it is for your own benefit only
Day special – you will gradually realize that confusions have no role in this world, you have to keep a stable thinking, that only will help

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