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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

19th March 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are worried about your studies, also about going away, but you have to depend on others for fulfillment of your dreams and aspirations
Day special – there is nothing wrong with your circumstances, minor issues are there but they will be resolved soon, the is nothing to really worry
Your home and connected matters of family need greater care and involvement, in life don’t expect monetary rewards out of everything, some time you have to do your duty also
Do – your children will benefit with your involvement, do that now
Don’t – don’t be pessimistic in life, it is not required
Your hard work will directly benefit your career, but you feel that there are many obstacles around you
Day special – luck will not support you as much as your hard work will, hence understand this difference
Your financial position is under pressure, you are getting very worried for that, but soon you will realize that divine blessing is there to fulfill your needs
Do – your luck is very supportive, take that help and motivation
Don’t – getting dissatisfied about money can actually increase your obstacles, don’t let that happen
You are yourself the cause of pressures and stress in your life, psychologically or otherwise you have to be more stable
Day special – don’t make any mistake, think before you take any step, that will protect you
Pressures on your health is a concern, you can get into losses, all these can cause worries
Do – take full support of your spouse family or well wishers at this time
Don’t – don’t be so confused about your health or in taking any treatment, When God has given this existence then some health problems will be there also
Financial pressures because you have to repay the loans also you have to fulfill your responsibilities, but don’t feel that it is a pressure
Day special – your career is very stable and that is your strength, but don’t think negatively
You are worried for your career but as long as your financial position is stable then why do you worry
Do – total involvement and self confidence is required in life
Don’t – don’t be confused, this is a period of uneasiness. But don’t be worried
Stressful period, keep your self stable, don’t let any stress over power you, as such there is no real upset
Day special – you are passing through a period in which you are thinking a lot, that is making you tense, don’t do that, don’t think so much
You are trying to do a lot in your life, but obstacles continue to upset you, but don’t let any negative ness come into your mind
Do – lucky period for financial inflows, hence stay calm
Don’t – don’t let any written material cause any problems for you, protect your self from that
Relationships are under stress, differences will emerge, but otherwise it is a very stable period for happiness
Day special – you have to involve in your relationships with total commitment
Take all kinds of precautions about health, get investigations done
Do – your boss I supportive, that makes your working environment happy, take advantage of this situation
Don’t – don’t be under any confusions of mind, ascertain the facts and only then from the opinion

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