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Friday, March 21, 2008

21st March 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are having troubles in your relationships, lack of trust can cause separation, you are getting very dejected with that
Day special – you are getting isolated with your thinking, you are not involving with others, that is another reason of your being unhappy
You are focused towards home children and family, you will gain from this positive attitude, if you are in love relationship at your work place then there may be hidden conflicts in that
Do – gain of money from property is possible, you can make efforts for that also
Don’t – don’t have differences with your elders in financial matters
You will make excellent efforts for improving your career, you will succeed in that also, family and children will support you in every way
Day special – as such your abilities are excellent and your knowledge will support your efforts for achievements in life
Very lucky period for financial prosperity, but you are concerned about financial matters, that makes you stressed
Do – take care of your health, it is not wise to ignore this important matter
Don’t – don’t let your own focus get diluted because you are stressed for various reasons
Any argument can lead to differences with boss, this is something which you must remember, the chart says that you will enter into disputes yourself, protect yourself from that
Day special – gains from business can be good, you are trying to use your knowledge into your work that will improve your performance also
Period of family happiness and family union, if your spouse was away then this is the time for his/her return, rejoice in these good times
Do – career is under stress, take lot of care towards that
Don’t – don’t ignore your health, lack of investigation and lack of exercise can lead to problems
Some of your money may have to be spent on unproductive uses, that can be for treatment, disputes or even losses, you are stressed for that
Day special – some tensions with a friend can make you unhappy, this can be for some relationship or even for some misunderstanding
You are trying to focus on your career, your hard work and efforts will make it work, that is the commitment which you carry
Do – you can get into a relationship if you want but you are not willing because you are confused, but soon that confusion will be removed
Don’t – don’t get so close to some friend unless you are sure as to what you wish to do
Very lucky period, your thinking is on the right track, family love and support mean a lot to you
Day special – overall this is a lucky period, you can plan a lot and achieve a lot, do that as the planetary forces are helpful to you
Marital stress must be protected, even boss needs to be handled with care, you cannot take chances at this stage
Do – your dependence on luck can bring you gains, hence have patience
Don’t – don’t travel unless absolutely warranted, there can be hidden obstacle sin that
Differences in family have to be controlled, especially with spouse, you are trying to resolve differences with your side, but it is not working out, have a positive attitude
Day special – if differences are on account of money then the is need for a proper discussion on that
Your boss will be very supportive and you can gain from that, your own forcefulness will help you at this stage
Do – everything is stable and there is nothing to worry
Don’t – don’t get into any kind of uneasiness in relationships, any love relationship needs to be protected and nurtured

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