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Sunday, March 23, 2008

23rd March 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

It is period to work hard, to also shed your fears as they are not true, God is kind in many ways, hence don’t create worries in your mind
Day special – health can be a concern, protect your self from some hurt or injury also
You can gain from your partners but differences may still be there, you are not satisfied with that
Do – take full support of your elders, try to understand their point of view also
Don’t – don’t take any drastic step in any love relationship, think about it, talk with others if need be
You will gain money, even from disputes but you may still be dissatisfied, you want more in life
Day special – you will have to improve your hard work and involvement towards life family and well wishers
Many issues are connected with your going away, for your profession or for your studies, don’t let confusions spoil the real purpose and path of your life
Do – some upsets may be removed in ten days time, hence have patience
Don’t – don’t expect your friends to support you, you will be shocked to see their attitude
Very lucky period for financial inflows and prosperity, God is kind to give you this blessing
Day special – don’t make any self created mistake in your forcefulness, that must be avoided, exercise care and patience
Some obstacle sin your career are continuing, they can cause disputes also, but your positive attitude and hard work will protect your from that situation
Do – shed the confusions and dissatisfactions connected with your work
Don’t – don’t worry, your financial position is improving now
You are thinking to much and getting worried for your expenses, but actually there is no real worry, because the financial position is generally stable and happy
Day special – don’t get into any conflict with spouse for any issue connected with money, that is not required, remember that you have to perform your duties also
Weak period, but don’t get into any conflict, keep a lot of patience, and show that humility, you will be adequately protected with that
Do – take care of health, at work place boss will be supportive
Don’t – don’t be too worried, God has chosen the path for you, and that is always the right path
Your thoughts and desires are connected with emotions and marriage, far off linkages are also strong, all this gives you happiness,
Day special – With all these thoughts going on you still have to concentrate on your work, that will help you in the long run
Period of weakness and conflicts, money and family matters need to be protected, but more than that you have to be psychologically stable
Do – just postpone any matter which has monetary linkages
Don’t – don’t be so tense, luck is with you in any case
Stable for your career and your efforts, you will be able to fulfill your desires, but you are not sure whether everything will be all right or not
Day special – the real upsets in this world are all made up in the mind, control that and you have controlled everything
Very lucky period, your ups and downs show everything in extremes but this period is very supportive, you will gain in your profession in a very lucky manner
Do – invest in some property if some opportunity is there
Don’t – don’t ignore the fact that this time is most important for your career

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