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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

5th March 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You wish to rally achieve and fulfill your dreams, very lucky period for you, but understand the weakness of this period also, only gain from this situation
Day special – don’t have any kind of arguments, however mild, they will still be used against you at a later date
You have understood the importance of doing the right thing at the right time, that is why you are doing well at this stage, even in studies you will gain and achieve well
Do – involve in some family business, or involve some family member into your business
Don’t – don’t have any doubts or uneasiness about others, that will lead to differences only
Monetary pressures may continue, even your studies need to be improved, you are very dissatisfied about your own performance
Day special – have trust in your self, , that only will give you the success in life, very soon the pressures will be over
Career is weak, even studies need improvement, marital differences need to be controlled, weak period overall, but your well being is ensured, God is kind
Do – devote time towards your family and marriage
Don’t – don’t get into any conflicts at your work place, a lot of care is required in this
Any desire for changes in life can lead to disputes or oppositions, studies are stable, love relationship is happy, spouse is supportive if you are married
Day special – the positive indications are more, hence gain from these forces, you have the ability also and the desires to forge ahead also, both combined together is the recipe for success
Excellent period for growth and prosperity, students will benefit from this influence, students will also benefit from the hard work which they put in now
Do – even if your are already in a profession you must improve your knowledge by constant efforts and studies
Don’t – don’t have ups and downs of thinking as that will lead to erratic efforts
Career is your focus, you will do well in that, you wish to take some change to come close to your home and family, that can be achieved
Day special – take advantage of good times, also take steps for your professional growth, you can achieve a lot in this period, but students have to shed their fears and anxieties
Your positive attitude will help you to work hard and achieve, you can fulfill your dreams with this effort, try to take support of others, and then luck will support you
Do – try to improve your wiring abilities, you are not devoting enough time towards that
Don’t – don’t be uneasy with routine pressures in life, these are there for everyone
Weak period, pressures can be there, routine pressures on the psychological front have to be controlled
Day special – you are optimistic towards life, that will make all the difference, always remember that you have the ability an d there is nothing lacking in that
Your studies can progress if you take support form others fully, but routine pressures of studies have to be accepted, only then you will succeed
Do – work hard towards your career, there is weakness in that
Don’t – don’t have any kind of diversions of mind, you will lose precious time in that
Psychological uneasiness can cause upsets in your studies, you have to be mentally stable, have faith in yourself
Day special – this is a period of stable gains of every kind, this includes gain of effort also, you have understood this importance, this will help you eventually
Best indication for studies, your focus is excellent, you are also very professional in your approach, even some love relation can convert into marriage
Do – psychologically you are very stable, that will help you immensely
Don’t – don’t be upset with routine efforts and pressures, there is nothing wrong in that

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