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Sunday, March 9, 2008

9th March 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You want change in job or career, some ups and downs have upset you, this is a situation of confusions only, luck is supporting you in every way
Day special – some change of job may also include change of place, but that is not what you want, hence you have to give it a very careful thought
Very favourable period for professional growth, family linkages or partnerships in business can be looked at, but you are confused on that,
Do – lucky period for your studies, you will benefit from these planetary forces
Don’t – don’t ignore the views of elders, those views can be helpful in your professional life
Your involvement in your work will improve your work situation, but you may face obstacles form your professional associates
Day special – some self created mistakes are there, they are of routine nature, don’t ignore them, efforts towards studies can prove to be helpful
Weak period, financial pressures, lot of confusions but luck supports and protects you, health concerns are also important, you cannot ignore that
Do – work hard for studies, in weak period one must work more and involve better
Don’t – don’t be too stiff in your thinking, at your work place that will cause differences of opinion also
Stress pressures health concerns, above all dissatisfactions, but look at the positive side of life
Day special – your strength is in commitment towards your work, remove the negative ness or confusions of mind, and you will have the recipe for success
Weakness in your studies, because you don’t study constantly, ups and downs of efforts will not help, your focus towards your family will give you happiness
Do – have faith in your love relationships, even in your self, lack of trust gives pain only
Don’t – don’t ignore your health, don’t also ignore that there are continuing obstacles in your work
Good period for students for involvement towards studies, protect your self from differences in marriage
Day special – relationships are important, they can give happiness, but they should not be at the cost of stability of your marriage
Your efforts can be helpful in your career, business partnerships are also indicated well
Do – just because you financially stable you cannot take risks
Don’t – don’t ignore your health, that is the weakest situation for you at this stage
Very lucky period, be very pleasant and humble in your writings or speech, don’t get provoked needlessly
Day special – studies are important, home and family is also important, and you are doing very well in all these
Despite your efforts your financial pressures will remain, you are yourself responsible for certain situations where your money is stuck,
Do – any lose talk can lead to problems in profession or with bosses, protect your self form that
Don’t – don’t fight, don’t argue, be calm,
You are involving well towards studies, differences in partnerships or in relationships, each step has to be taken with care
Day special – control your spoken word, , think before you speak, don’t be sarcastic, nothing can be more harmful than that
Weak period, financial pressures, even losses, void getting into disputes, that will lead to more problems
Do – involve towards work, stay focused
Don’t – don’t ignore your health, some expenses can be towards healthcare also

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