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Friday, March 7, 2008

7th March 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are very dissatisfied about many things, about your efforts your money your studies even your profession
Do – spend some time in spiritual inclinations also, that will give you peace of mind
Don’t – don’t have any large expectations from family, be practical
You have to devote more time and energy towards your career, generally your studies are proceeding well, the is no worry on that
Day special – in any kind of love relationship your elders may not support you, but you must try to appreciate their viewpoint also
Weakness in your studies persist, but that is getting weakened by your uneasiness and sensitiveness
Do – your strength is in your speaking and writing abilities, add some knowledge to that and you will succeed
Don’t – don’t be dissatisfied, don’t expect magical rewards in your life
You are yourself the cause of weakness and obstacles in your life, all your obstacles are made up in the mind
Do – protect your career from pressures
Don’t – don’t make up stories in your mind, that will not help, rather that will further depress you
Issues connected with your marriage can cause upsets in your life, but you should not believe in hearsay, ascertain the facts your self
Day special – good period for students continue, this is the time for you to forge ahead in life
Health concerns need care, you are ignoring that, even oppositions in life can be upsetting
Do – career and studies are progressing well, take advantage of that
Don’t – don’t neglect your health, don’t get into conflicts also
You are very confused about your studies, you are not even sure as to what is right or wrong for you
Day special – you are not able to involve in a constant manner, too many ups and downs, this needs to be changed to achieve success in life
Concerns and tensions connected with home and family bothers you, but actually the professional worries are on the back of your mind
Do – be very sweet in your attitude, be very humble and nothing will go wrong
Don’t – don’t underestimate your own abilities, there is no dearth of knowledge in you
Some communication mail or letter from far off place can make you uneasy, the can be some confusions on that also
Day special – some dissatisfaction in your studies also are appearing now, that needs to be protected
Financial pressures are on your mind, your savings may be under pressure, but more than that it is the factor of worries and tensions which protect you
Do – protect your marital relations at this stage
Don’t – don’t get into conflicts in this period that can rally harm your interests and nothing will be achieved
The issues are not real, hence you have to learn to relax, don’t worry there is nothing wrong, health issues may not be real
Day special – take another investigation, take another opinion, health related worries may be out of confusion
Some wasteful expenses or loss can be there, even setback in studies temporarily because you are not in a mood to study
Day special – this is a crucial period mood swings will not help, you have to think rationally at this stage

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