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Thursday, March 20, 2008

20th March 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Gain of money and positive attitude both are indicated, but your emotional relationships are suffering
Do – you wish to involve well towards others, but don’t think that everything can be measured in terms of money
Don’t – don’t expect too much if you wish to convert some love relationship into marriage
Excellent period in many ways, profession and business can be strong to give you happiness, you can use your knowledge for your career growth
Day special – some hidden prosperity and property related issues can bother you, but rest assured you will gain from that also
For you nothing else exists other than your love relationship, there are some confusions but you are confident that you will resolve everything
Do – if trying to sell a property then ascertain the facts
Don’t – don’t depend on luck, by doing so you will get into problems or losses
You are putting your money into risk, even your family happiness can get affected or property matters can lead to problems, hence lot of patience is required
Day special – over emphasis of money is not a good thing, that can risk the stability of your life
Work hard and you will gain, stay connected with your main work without deviation and you will gain, what is the meaning of this stay devoted to your work and forget everything else
Do – involvement and spending tome towards your marriage will give you happiness
Don’t – don’t take any hasty decision at this stage, you can go wrong
Favourable period in many ways, financial prosperity is ensured, luck supports you adequately, what else do you want
Day special – but in all this goodness there is a hidden upset, this can be connected with your uneasiness or some health factor, hence beware
You wish to maintain the focus towards gaining knowledge, you also wish to repay certain loans taken earlier, you must do that
Do – your boss wants you to perform better, understand these factors
Don’t – don’t be so sensitive in your nature, that is not going to help
You wish to invest in some property, there can be lucky developments for that, and you must take advantage of that
Day special – career is important, gain of knowledge is important, but most important is to show case your abilities
Don’t let differences appear at your work place don’t also let your uneasiness reveal your negative attitudes, for all this divine protection is with you
Do – Gains from profession are well indicated, take advantage of this with your involvement and hard work
Don’t – don’t get into negative thinking, you are getting into that habit and tendency
You are dissatisfied about your career, that can cause tensions and pressures, you have to come out of this mindset
Day special – the best indication for this period is for your profession, negative is connected with your finances, hence be optimistic, life is mix of good and bad
Mixed period, very lucky for happiness from home and family, , but tense full for expenses and obstacles, but your constant worrying makes it so
Do – you can think of selling and buying a property also
Don’t – don’t have any lack of trust, that can be your enemy
Weak period in many ways, pressures obstacle and expenses, even marriage and relationships have to be protected,
Day special – expenses have to be controlled to reduce your pressures, don’t expect to gain from disputes that is not right

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